Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Events Compatibility Tables

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PPK has published new event compatibility tables that test the event registration models (traditional, W3C and Microsoft) as well as event bubbling and capturing.

There is a lot of data here on the quirks of the various browsers.

Event Compatibility Tables

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:52 am

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Great remarks on mouseenter/mouseleave, it’s about time non-IE browsers start implementing those events.

Comment by Nick — April 30, 2008

Excellent timing for this post, considering how today is a Dutch national holiday: Queen’s Day! :)

Comment by MrKtr — April 30, 2008

Awesome work by PPK once again!!!

His research has helped me countless times already, and by the looks of it, will be helping us all in the future as well.

Great job, once again mate!!!

Comment by MorganRoderick — April 30, 2008

glad that mootools has mouseenter and mouseleave built in as a custom event which you can just use as

el.addEvent(‘mouseenter’, doSomething);

Makes stuff so much easier =)

Comment by zilenCe — April 30, 2008

It’s worth noting that firefox supports mouse wheel events in the form of DOMMouseScroll, whereas ‘mousewheel’ does not appear in the TR of html 4.01

Comment by urandom — May 1, 2008

I like it

Comment by Tribulus — September 22, 2008

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