Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Excerpt from “Real-World Ajax”

The Ajax Blog as a new post today about the upcoming book from SYS_CON, “Real-World Ajax”, including a think to an excerpt over on the SYS-CON site.

The excerpt looks at the Enterprise potential that Ajax has and where it fits in with the other SOAs in an environment. They also talk about some of the benefits that using Ajax in Enterprise applications can have including:

  • flexibility for use on both the remote sites and local applications
  • using it for a more rich, enjoyable browser-based experience
  • using it to create mashups of pre-existing interfaces/services

They go on to talk about the services in an SOA (base, legacy, new, etc) and show where Ajax would fit in. There’s talk of the “orchestration” of the application (how it’s implemented) and that the interface layer of things is where Ajax reigns. They also mentions briefly two tools to implement these kinds of SOAs – Microsoft Atlas and the TIBCO General Interface.

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