Monday, November 13th, 2006

Experimental Odeo Interface

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Evan Williams talked about how Ajax interfaces do not have to give up permalinks.

We have seen many examples, and Even uses an an experimental new interface to his Odeo as an example itself.

New Odeo Interface

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:01 pm

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Unfortunately… no Safari support… looks like it really can’t be done…

Comment by Tobie Langel — November 13, 2006

Hi Michael; thanks for the shout out on RSH.

Some clever hackers have figured out how to get back/forward button support on Safari, but no one to my knowledge has also figured out how to update the URL for a permalink using an anchor hask.


Comment by Brad Neuberg — November 13, 2006

Hi Michael, thanks for the link!

Looks like it is working in Safari (a bit shaky though…)!

All I need know is a Prototype port… ;-)

I’ll look into that as soon as possible.

Great stuff.

Thanks again.

Comment by Tobie Langel — November 13, 2006

Hi Tobie and Michael, I checked out that test page on Safari and it doesn’t work consistently. The problem isn’t that you can’t sometimes get it to work in Safari; the problem is that its very inconsistent and buggy. Safari just doesn’t give you the basic machinery.

Comment by Brad Neuberg — November 14, 2006

Nice and clean implementation. This kind of thing should be something you just do, not an extra.

Check out SWFAddress it’s a state/history script which allows Flash applications to support permalinks, reloads and back/forward. And it works in Safari.

Comment by Theo — November 14, 2006

Tobie, just switch to jQuery :)

Comment by Gilles — November 14, 2006

Gilles: I nearly did a while back, but decided against it in the end.

There are some things I like about jQuery, but overall, it does not have the power and richness of Prototype (IMO).

Comment by Tobie Langel — November 14, 2006

Yeah, Brad, Safari is a tough customer, isn’t it?

I did notice the problem on Klaus’s test page where the chapter text would appear and then disappear sometimes, but I wasn’t sure if that had to do with the history/hash or if it was some unrelated glitch.

Comment by Michael Geary — November 14, 2006

“What is the news here?”

I think it’s newsworthy that a well-known site is using it. Not that it’s the only one – MS Live Image Search also uses it.

The “Unique URL” technique was used with Flash sites as far back as 2001 –

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — November 14, 2006

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