Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Ext 1.0 for Prototype/Script.aculo.us

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There was a lot of talk as YUI-EXT became Ext, and added jQuery into the list of supported libraries.

It now appears that Jack Slocum is outdoing himself again and is also supporting Prototype and Script.aculo.us.

You can check out the examples and see the drop down tests to select the library.

There is a lot to come from Ext, and we can’t wait for it to come out.

Ext with Prototype

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:06 am

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This is very exciting.. i can see the transition from desktop to webtop becoming really easy for developers and aethetically pleasing at the same time.

I find this hard to achieve but this has been done really well .. cant wait to see whats next ..

Nice Job Keep up the good work


Comment by Jester — March 13, 2007

It really is very slick.

Comment by Dean Edwards — March 13, 2007

Here you can access the alpha3 testing Lounge:


Comment by MP:Schorsch — March 13, 2007

Yeah – there’s no real denying it….Good job Jack.

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — March 13, 2007


Comment by NiKo — March 13, 2007

Very nice. I enjoyed the grid, btw!

One idea for the grid: stop eating the tab key. Now when I tab around on the page and focus gets to the datagrid, I have to tab through all the cells to get out of it again. Arrow key navigation is already supported, that’s enough.

Comment by Michael van Ouwerkerk — March 13, 2007

Someone buy that man a bottle of whiskey and some liquorish!

Comment by Justin Palmer — March 13, 2007

I’m using very actively Yahoo + Yahoo-Ext actually because Yahoo-Ext of Jack is the only framework with professionnal looking Widget and Layout.

I really like Yahoo UI for all its features but it’s damn long to type because of namespaces.
In the other side, Prototype, jQuery provide very cool css query ! But I’ve never find a cool widget framework base on those two.

Becoming “Ext” is really a genius IDEA from Jack !! Offering the ability to jQuery and Prototype to access to widget of “Ext” is really nice.
Now we can finally consider that Prototype and jQuery can provide professionnal Widget and Layout !

Sorry for my poor english.

Comment by Nicolas — March 13, 2007

@Nicolas: I think your English is great. If only my French was as good as your English… :)

Comment by Steve O — March 13, 2007

Ext is probably the coolest library out there. Adding the adapter layer is really pretty cool. I think we might see more Ext in rails apps now that prototype is supported.

Comment by Adam Sanderson — March 13, 2007

Thanx Steev O :)

Comment by Nicolas — March 13, 2007

…this is awesome. Thanks for the news

Comment by Mark Holton — March 13, 2007

cool stuff, really nice work. Thanks……

Comment by doyle — March 13, 2007

the long wait for a slick prototype/scriptaculous ui widgets is over … waiting for the beta release.

Comment by Copongcopong — March 13, 2007

Impressive :) So, is moo next? Hehe…

Comment by Justin Carter — March 14, 2007

Very impressive – really like this and can integrate very nicely with my current prototype/scriptaculous!

Comment by Ryan G — March 14, 2007


once they finally decide to finish changing every command from version to version, I don’t see why not. :P

Comment by mdm-adph — March 14, 2007

What is up with http://www.yui-ext.com/deploy/ext-1.0-alpha3/docs/ on Opera? Loads the tree, loads something when I select one example, but then silently fails to display anything on the right-hand side.

Comment by Martin — March 14, 2007

@Martin: It’s still in alpha stage so somebugs surely appears ! It’s seem juste a init probleme. Try to move the split or click a link on the tree then it should work !

Comment by @Martin — March 14, 2007

Amazing work. Well done!!

Comment by Rodrigo Catarino — March 14, 2007

Great work

Comment by neoline — March 16, 2007

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