Monday, June 11th, 2007

Ext 1.1 Beta + Feed Reader 3 Demo

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Jack Slocum saw our post on the Joomla widget, and pointed us to a his FeedViewer 3 application, slated to be released with Ext 2.0:

The FeedViewer example app has been rewritten from scratch for Ext 2.0. It is intended to be a good reference implementation of 2.0 and unlike the other examples which were written with speed of development in mind, FeedViewer 3 features it’s code broken up into logical classes. This makes the code much more organized and easier to maintain.

Some new things in FeedViewer 3 are reading pane placement, post summaries, context menus (tabs, grid and tree context menus), combobox (in “Add feed” window) and some significant performance improvements. It starting to look pretty decent, so I have thrown a dev copy up. It is checked into the examples folder of the Ext 2.0 branch in SVN.

There is also a beta of Ext 1.1:

This build includes Ext Stand-alone, a lightweight HTML editor, Ext.Ajax utility class, DateField enhancements, more documentation and many bug fixes.

Ext can now run on its own without a base library. The ext-base file weighs in at 34kb minimized. This is less than YUI utilities + adapter (58kb), Prototype/Scriptaculous + adapter (71kb) or jQuery + required plugins + adapter (62kb – minimized, not packed).

They are moving pretty darn fast.

Feed Viewer 3

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Very nice. Looking forward to 2.0. See if we can speed TARR up any.

Comment by Marc Stroz — June 11, 2007

Tabs within tabs? humm.. put your talent in something original IMO

Comment by Mishka — June 12, 2007


What a bizarre comment!

Comment by Animal — June 12, 2007

@Mishka WHAT on earth are you talking about…

OT: This is looking so amazing Jack…

Comment by Tommy Maintz — June 12, 2007

Mishka has a point, I have doubts about that thing’s usability if it has its own tabs. For me, the paragon of streamlined work flow is Google Reader, but FeedView seems to go the traditional and tired way of apps like Thunderbird or FeedDaemon.

Comment by a hovering ox — June 12, 2007

@a hovering ox

I just cannot get what’s wrong with tabs?

Comment by jsakalos — June 12, 2007

jsakalos, nothing, unless you’re trying to emulate them with JavaScript. I don’t need a browser inside a browser.

Comment by a hovering ox — June 12, 2007

@a hovering ox
Good, I’ve almost started to believe that I missed a fashion fit ;). I’ve been working with Ext for a couple of weeks and while being in one application I don’t need another browser’s tab for the same application anymore. It’s that one application equals one browser window (tab) and that’s it.

Comment by jsakalos — June 12, 2007

exactly what jsakalos says.
its not tabs inside tabs. its an application using tabs inside a browser tab. every tab has its own “application” running. i dont see how you can say this is a browser inside a browser.
also this can be instantly migrated to apollo (adobe air now?) making it an application on its own :)

Comment by Tommy Maintz — June 12, 2007

Mishka @ I really can’t get thinking of people like You.. If we were on base it’s demonstration of capabilitities and at second time too much people still have IE6 which dont have tabs capability.

Comment by 72 — July 7, 2007

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