Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Ext 2.0.1 Released, Community Projects Continue to Grow

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The Ext team released version 2.0.1 of Ext JS. This is a maintenance release that fixes several issues with the 2.0 release. Some notable issues that have been addressed include:

  • Fixed various overflow/scroll issues related to form fields and grid
  • Workaround included for the Firefox 2.0/Mac overflow:auto invisible scrollbar bug
  • Fixed several issues related to destroying form elements
  • Multiple GridView and GroupingView fixes
  • Various other minor bug fixes and documentation updates

For complete details on what’s changed, please have a look at the 2.0.1 release notes.

In addition, new projects based around the Ext framework continue to sprout up. Several Java and ColdFusion server-side initiatives have taken root demonstrating the growth of the Ext community.

Projects such as MyGWT and the recent ExtTLD are helping Java developers leverage Ext via server-side implementations while ColdFusion-based ColdExt and cfExt are allowing CF developers to use Ext 2.0. This is especially important for ColdFusion developers who are either limited to ColdFusion 8’s Ext v1.0 implementation or must implement a strictly client-side solution in prior versions of the application server.

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I heart ExtJS.

Comment by igaenssley — January 24, 2008


Comment by TommyMaintz — January 24, 2008


Comment by Grimsk — January 24, 2008

Does anyone know if the Moo port of ExtJS is keeping up?

Comment by starkraving — January 24, 2008

Server-side encapsulation is a natural progression for this mature framework. Exciting stuff…

Comment by Meta — January 25, 2008

Super excited ExtJS generally and ExtTLD specifically. I’ve been using java for a years and have finally moved joined the rest of world in terms of using Ajax. ExtJS looks great and ExtTLD makes me very “comfortable”.

Comment by GNice — January 29, 2008

I use ext from ext1.0.1 to ext 2.

Comment by linizou — February 1, 2008

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