Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Ext File Tree Widget

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Jozef Sakalos has created a File Tree widget for Ext that features:

  • Ajax load and display of nodes
  • File type icons
  • File upload
  • Folder create
  • File or folder delete
  • File or folder rename
  • File or folder move by drag & drop
  • On demand folder reload

Ext File Tree

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:50 am

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It looks like the tree component from Telerik.

anyway, anybody tried it b4? Is it heavy load?

Comment by AsiaPartTime — July 12, 2007

I have tried to minimize server round trips. All operations except file upload require one round trip even in the case of a failure. Failures are handled w/o server access by returning the tree to the state before the failed operation. To keep the client side tree in sync with underlying server filesystem the operations (rename, move, …) are sent to server immediately. The request can be some hundred bytes, success response is several bytes, failure response is cca error message size and expanding tree can be some kilobytes depending on number of nodes and length of their names. Of course, all plus overhead of request itself.

Just FYI: this component has no connection to Telerik. I haven’t even seen their tree. I’ll look now. Thanks for tip.

Comment by jsakalos — July 12, 2007

I wondered how you manage the upload. I’ve not experienced a reload of the page, tree stays expanded. I know that uploading is possible using iframes or Flash, but I’ve found nothing there.

Uploads are very interesting for me, because I’ve developed an application which can be used with complete AJAX support with Ext. The only thing I don’t have now is a remote upload system.

Comment by F.o.G. — July 12, 2007

I’d prefer to discuss technical things in the FileTree forum thread as maybe not all readers are interested in technical details.

Just brief answer: I use Ext form and Ext file upload infrastructure.

Comment by jsakalos — July 12, 2007

OK dude, but where is the code…

Comment by thiyagi — July 12, 2007

Saki’s extensions for Ext are really good. I hope Jack extends an offer to him & makes him a full time Ext employee. Good work!

Comment by JDP — July 12, 2007

Source code is not final yet, there is a couple of more things to be done, thus, I’ve not released it yet. Gimme a couple of days…

Comment by jsakalos — July 12, 2007

I’m a big Ext.js fan and this is great stuff… just asked Jack if he plans to integrate this into 2.0!

Comment by Rob Cluett — July 12, 2007

Really cool, I like it. Go ahead, and good luck

Comment by Xuewu Liu — July 13, 2007

This is by far the best tree widget I have ever seen, and as stated above the file upload behavior is great. It looks fantastic.

Comment by Cosmin Catalin Sanda — July 13, 2007

Very great job!
Very clean !
Very JavaScript !

just made the page in fav and waiting for other version ;)

one of the best JS widget ive seen

Comment by Grim — July 13, 2007

Does it work in Vista/IE7.0?

Comment by Venkat — July 17, 2007

Yes. I’m running Vista/ie7. Works like a wonder.

Comment by anders — July 18, 2007

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