Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Ext GWT 1.0: GWT 1.5 support, new APIs, performance, and docs

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Darrell Meyer has announced Ext GWT 1.0. This is the first fully stable release of the product and it includes a lot of goodies including:

  • Documentation: new screencasts of the various steps
  • GWT 1.5 support: “Ext GWT is a 100% native GWT application written in Java. Ext GWT does not wrap any 3rd party JavaScript and does not use any external JavaScript files. Ext GWT fully leverages the GWT API including the widget lifecylce, events, listeners, messaging, and RPC.”
  • “Performance was a high priority item for the Ext GWT 1.0 release. Many changes were made since the first beta releases. Initial rendering times are quicker and the new layout code reacts quicker to window resizing. Improvements can easily be seen in the Explorer demo.”
  • Advanced Form Layouts
  • Improved Data Loading, Store, Binder, and Field API

Looks like a very solid release indeed. Congrats to the team.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:15 am

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hi all
i think that GWT really is lacking a good widget api such as ext
i suggest google buy ext and opensource it with the GWT codebase

Comment by fawzyj — July 8, 2008

EXT GWT is riddled with controversy and dubious programmer ethics.

He never replied on why he renamed the variables and claimed its Ext GWT code.
Secondly, he continues to use the Slate theme, a user contribution that is licensed under Creative Commons License and isn’t compatible with GPL.

Even though the widgets looks good, personally I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Comment by MichealMartin — July 8, 2008

@MichealMartin – I just visited the link you provided and saw plenty of responses to the questions, not sure why you think think there was no reply.

Comment by VinylFox — July 9, 2008

As far I see, there was no response why the IBM copyright was removed and replaced it with the EXT JS Copyright, when the code was clearly EPL.

“During the beta3 refactor in an attempt to remove the EPL dependencies we’re you not aware that you were violating the SWT license when you changed the header that indicated that the code was derived from EPL to the Ext license header? And also when I initially pointed out the issues, you confidently mentioned that there is no SWT code. I hope it wasn’t the intent that this went undiscovered.”

Comment by MichealMartin — July 10, 2008

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