Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Extra Tasty: Alcohol + Ajax

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Extra Tasty is the latest site by Skinny Corp.

This community surrounds Alcohol, and shows you why Web 2.0 is here. We need to make things easier for alcoholics to use the web!

There is definitely room for more Ajax on this site, especially around the collaboration features.

Extra Tasty

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:16 pm

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[…] This is definitely a work in progress. Search seems only to work for ingredients, not actual drink names. Ajaxian noted that there is a lot of room to include ajax on the site. I agree. And they are still building out the friends section. But it is a fun site and, I suppose, could generate enough page views to build up a minimal amount of advertising revenue. […]

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[…] Congratulation on making such a sophisticated and colloborative site which can bestowed us from certain aspects of alcoholic features.

Comment by lee — July 12, 2006

It looks great and hope it’s getting there now.

Comment by quitting — November 30, 2007

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