Friday, December 28th, 2007

Facebook improves Ajax support with FBJS LocalProxy

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Facebook released FBJS as a way to do more than just the simple Mock Ajax that you could do before hand. It didn’t go as far as Caja (hopefully Facebook will work together on it), which seems to be the natural step wrt sandboxing code.

Today, they announced improved support for Ajax via a new feature, FBJS LocalProxy:

Many apps already use FBJS in innovative ways, and as part of this release we offer improved AJAX capabilities in FBJS. The new feature is a local proxy that allows you to make direct async requests back to your application server. This trick lets you to gain all the advantages of FBML without needing to use an embedded IFrame. To make this ability even more useful, we also now provide a DOM function setInnerXHTML that lets you to modify your canvas page by adding a string of HTML.

The more that we can do in our applications without having to jump into iframe land, the better.

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Thank you very much by the article!
A very good work!!

Comment by tpenalver — December 28, 2007

At least they restrict it to the domain registered with the app. I don’t really know how high their standards are for accepting applications, but they better hope their 3rd party sites aren’t compromised.

Comment by Jigs — December 28, 2007

Looks like they are using Flash for the cross-domain communication, since the access control is achieved with a crossdomain.xml policy file.

I don’t see how this is related to Caja. FBJS LocalProxy does not JS re-writing as far as I could tell. Seems more like FlashXMLHttpRequest to me ;-)

Comment by Dumky — December 28, 2007

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