Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Facing up to fonts

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Richard Rutter of Clearleft has a nice presentation up on facing up to fonts that goes into nice detail on the world of typography and the Web.

First he takes some time discussing fonts and various choices out there. Did you know about the various numbered font weights out there? From 100 to 900. Well, on Firefox 3 and WebKit. And there is font-stretch which no one supports. Then we have the EOT versus Open/TrueType wars:

@font-face { 
   font-family: "Fontin Sans"; 
   src: url(""); 
<!--[if IE]>
@font-face { 
   font-family: "Fontin Sans"; 
   src: url(""); 

Richard is also a fan of the idea of Fonts as a Web Service where trusted third parties could license fonts. Sounds like there is a business there ;)

And of course, you have to watch the enthralling Helvetica The Film with your partner on Valentines Day.

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How to make OTF file? or convert TTF to OTF?
well.. anybody know that?

Comment by PuryFury — February 12, 2009

Microsoft released a tool, long time ago, called WEFT3, for “.ttf to .eot” conversion: actually I still haven’t found the way to make it work.
I think (but I’m not sure) that .eot to date is a proprietary specification because I can’t find specification documents or something else useful online to create a conversion tool for myself. I also read some weeks ago about an online service for .eot conversion.

Comment by fcaldera — February 12, 2009

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