Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Favicon generator and editor

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Stuart Colville has announced a fun little project that he and fellow collaborators Ed Elliot and Cyril Doussin have worked on.

Their Favicon Generator lets you upload an image and then go in and tweak the pixels :)

Although many modern web browsers support favicons saved as GIFs, PNGs or other popular file formats all versions of Internet Explorer still require favicons to be saved as ICO files (a Microsoft icon format). This tool provides an easy way to convert any GIF, PNG or JPEG to ICO which is supported by all modern web browsers. It also enables you to create favicons from scratch via a handy online editor. Additionally the editor lets you manually tweak generated favicons to ensure the best possible result.

The main difference with the tool is that we’ve provided an editor which allows you to tweak the generated icons which is often necessary particularly if you’re creating a favicon from a much larger graphic.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:01 am

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Very nice, although I was surprised to see a list being used for the grid instead of a plain table. Was there a particular reason for that?

Comment by paulhan — February 10, 2009

Maybe, they have decided that a grid is no more than a set of pixels and the best way to represent a set is simply a list :)
And I know they love to use as many list as possible ;)

Comment by Remi — February 10, 2009

ppl started vandalizing the gallery almost instantly. haha

Comment by coolnalu — February 10, 2009

I never found it hard to make an .ico file. Take your image, save it as a BMP, rename it .ico instead of .bmp. That’s it. Even good ol’ GIMPy doesn’t have an issue with doing that.

Still, neat little idea there. Seems like a lot of work to appease IE though … when the rest of the web moved on to gif’s and png’s years ago.

Comment by Henaway — February 10, 2009

I made a favicon with such ease with this tool for my blog that hasn’t had one.. I just drew the letters… the only problem I had was the reset editor button is WAY to easy to push… had to redo my icon once.

Comment by bladesling — February 10, 2009

http://www.webscriptlab.com/favicongenerator.php handles png-24’s with transparency much better than the above mentioned site.

Comment by ramaboo — February 10, 2009

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