Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Favoor Personal Homepage

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The Ajax homepage/portal for today is Favoor, which gives you Ajax-powered RSS feeds (summaries only so far), search, and bookmarking. It feels early-beta right now.


Here are a couple of wishlist items for these portals:
* How are you different? There’s so many of these coming out. Most people only want to commit to one of them, so a feature list is a good thing.
* Lazy Registration Most of these portals are missing a big opportunity to let people try it out before they register. Protopage and Memeflow are two portals that get it right. Use cookies to let the user play around with the site indefinitely, and keep making them aware they can register anytime. “Take your settings with you”, “Keep your data forever”, “Survive a browser crash”, etc. (I’ve seen a few of these phrases aronud the place, but not sure which sites.)

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 7:30 am

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My favourite portal is NetVibes. Although it has a more limited user interface, in has modules (such as weather, search, notes) that can be used alongside the RSS feeds. This makes it a much more functional ‘take your Internet with you’ page then plain RSS-based portal could be.

Other then NetVibes, what free portals are there that use portlets to offer substantially more then just feed aggregation?

Comment by James — December 8, 2005

I agree, netvibes is so far still the best, and it has a lot of good features not found elsewhere like flickr and writely modules. It even has it’s own tagged bookmarking system (for those private links you don’t want to post on and web based post-it notes…. but most of all, it is so far the only online I’ve seen that allows you to EXPORT to OPML…. meaning anytime I want to get stop, I can export everything out. Without this feature, I would not even have started in the first place. It’s all about being open ended.

Comment by Friedbeef — December 8, 2005

Their logo looks like a ripoff of Blogger’s logo:

( )

Comment by Jon — December 12, 2005

Favoor looks great, but most poeple don’t seem to know it.
See, What’s your Preferred Social Bookmark Manager?

Comment by ycc2106 — December 13, 2005

[…] Favoor : Very ‘bright’ page, has 5 pastel color settings. There’s an old review by Ajaxian, dated December, when Favoor had this icon. Works in Safari […]

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