Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

FeedDigest Effects

Category: Showcase, Usability

FeedDigest is using the scriptaculous effects throughout the site.

For example, if you add a feed you will see the following comment bar spring to live at the top:


After flashing, it settles down for a bit, and then dissapears entirely.

Although this is “cool” it has me wondering whether this is actually a good thing.

  • For one, although flashing may draw your eye to it, it can be annoying (remember <flash>)
  • If you looked away a bit, the remark could dissappear before you even get a chance to see it. Is that more harmful than just having it on the screen throughout?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:07 am
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Peter from Feed Digest here. Thanks for the coverage.

Yup, I think you’re right. I’ve had a few complaints about this now. As someone who hated the BLINK tag and who hates stuff like marquees.. it’s surprising I’d use it, but it really doesn’t bother me, and I find it gets my attention to the right place. Still, I think it may just have to go :)

Comment by Peter Cooper — August 13, 2005

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