Saturday, November 5th, 2005

File uploads with live progress bar in a simple perl script

Category: Perl, Toolkit

Encodable Industries has released a nice, simple Ajax upload component with a live progress bar. Its a single perl script that can be dropped into any web server with CGI support.

Features include max upload size, security via password protection, the real time progress bar, and display of time remaining and elapsed. You can view the source to take a look at the well commented preferences at the top to tweak things how you like. Or try it out with the live demo.

(seen at

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 10:05 pm

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Good script, but unfortunately there is no way to say what type of files can be upladed to the server. I was looking for a script for uploading images and videos to my server, but I have decided not to use this script because users could also upload dangerous files (.exe, .php, …).

Comment by Enrique Puertas — January 13, 2006

Good script. Will there be an update?

Comment by Mark Draper — June 3, 2006

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