Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Firebug 1.1 and

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John J Barton has been working hard on Firebug 1.1, but the work has been in the dark a little unless you are paying attention.

He has been putting releases up, and Kris Zyp has been kind enough to host

I have talked to a few people recently who keep Firefox 2 around just “because Firebug needs it” but the latest beta works great in Firefox 3 (which I find to be a huge leap on the Mac).

The beta features:

  • eval() debugging,
  • external editor interface,
  • browser-generated event handler debugging,
  • executable lines marked with green line numbers,
  • user-controlled naming of eval() buffers,
  • Stack side panel on “Script” panel for callstack,
  • Supports Firefox 3,
  • “better” debugging icons,
  • CSS errors report against source lines,
  • bug fixes (incl. issues 8, 69, 218, 230, 239, 249, 269, 314, 321, 345)
  • Internal firebug debug output

I raise a drink to John for keeping Firebug going strong!

Firefox 3

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I’m glad to hear that Firebug is being maintained/developed. It is truly a web-developers best friend. I use it much more than all other toolbar/IDE/plugins combined.

I’m looking forward to playing with the new features.

Thanks for all your hard work Joe and John! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Comment by renderblender — February 6, 2008

Hopefully they have fixed the issue that pegs the CPU in any page which includes Ext JS. I look forward to trying the new release.

Comment by Jack Slocum — February 6, 2008

It has quite a few improvements. The stack tab is an especially nice addition, compared to the old stack path. There are a few issues that really piss me off though. My biggest gripe is that most of the time, if you add a breakpoint, it will appear multiple times in the BP tab. And the other being that sometimes, the javascript console appears to be sandboxed, so that core object extensions are not present anymore (like the prototype’s Function.bind)

Comment by urandom — February 6, 2008

…FF3b2 hauls on my MacBook Pro… great improvement… (and echo the comments that Firebug works smooth on FF3b2)

John Resig posted awhile on how to install FF3b2 and Firebug:

Comment by Mark Holton — February 7, 2008

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