Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Firebug for iPhone

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It is no surprise that a bunch of news over the weekend has been related to developers spending time with the iPhone. We aren’t interested in “i love the iPhone” posts, but there are some interesting ones such as Firebug for iPhone.

Joe Hewitt was sick thinking about debugging with alert() again, and didn’t want to use Firebug Lite for screen real estate issues, so he created Firebug for iPhone as a proxy.

When your JavaScript console.log()’s away, it send the info to your computer which is running a nice 30″ monitor for you to debug on.

As another option I would like a Firebug Lite on the iPhone itself though. What if I could do a finger gesture flip and have the debug window show up to play with. Pelle has it working via a double tap.

This all goes to show that whatever you think of the iPhone itself, the biggest gift that has been given to us is the focus on mobile Ajax applications.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:32 pm

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Firebug for iPhone. There aro no usable debugger for IE, and people spent time for developing debugger for iPhone? Great news :-/

Comment by Dusan Maliarik — July 2, 2007

Dusan, there is no need to develop your applications in IE, you can do that using another browser, better suited for the job on PC. For iPhone, there is no such option.

Comment by Pavel — July 2, 2007

I’d be happy if I could agree with you Pavel, but sadly web-developers must check also in IE … so it would be really welcome a suitable and functional js debugger for IE …
iPhone ? hm … sincerely I think it’s just a nice toy but not a revolution that justifies so much efforts.

Comment by Alex — July 2, 2007

No, no it exist a IE debug (not as good as Firebug, but…)
It commes too with a JS debuger.
Think the need some developper help to do it more usable and Firebug compatible (console.log() )

Comment by Klee F. — July 2, 2007

JS Commander, which I wrote a short time ago, is also a debugging proxy for an embedded web browser (in fact, Wii). I don’t have an iPhone, but I would like to hear if it works or not.

Comment by Shinya Kasatani — July 2, 2007

For IE you can debug in Visual Studio Express, or the script debugger that comes with Office. Both don’t do as well with CSS/HTML as Firebug does, however for debugging complex javascript Visual Studio Express is a lot better and more robust than Firebug.

Comment by Laurens van den Oever — July 2, 2007

Joe Hewitt is amazing.

Comment by Harry Bailey — July 2, 2007

Re: No IE support.. Isn’t that what Firebug Lite is for (browsers which don’t support console.log()?)

Comment by Scott Schiller — July 2, 2007

@Laurens van den Oever
let us know how you can debug better with “Visual Studio Express”. Just to see line error you have to click three times. And never see CSS debug …
Is it a joke !? (have you a howto ?)
@Scott Schiller
I know firebug lite but a complete support is better!

Comment by Klee F. — July 3, 2007

who gives a shit on IE?

Comment by JohnDoe — August 5, 2007

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