Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Firecookie: Put you hand in the cookie jar with Firebug

Category: Debugging

Jan Odvárko “missed two movie nights” to create cookie support in Firebug. His Firebug plugin, Firecookie, gives you access to view, search, create, remove, and manage the permissions of a cookie, all from within a Firebug tab.

Firecookie creates a log entry every time when a cookie is created, changed, deleted or rejected (an option you can change).

Jan is looking for comments.

He has also written a nice tutorial on extending Firebug. It is great to see sub-plugins for Firebug such as YSlow, Firecookie, etc. Do you know of any other good ones?

NOTE: There are, of course, separate Firefox plugins for cookie management.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:34 am

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Wow this is cool. Firecookie is going to be really useful.

Comment by kim3er — March 6, 2008

yeah, the article says “NOTE: There are, of course, separate Firefox plugins for cookie management.” but who really cares now that firebug can do it!

as far as i’m conserned firebug is THE extension to have. I’d be happy if it was bundled with FF3 (i mean that won’t happen because not all FF users need it, or even know what it is)

Comment by jaimz — March 6, 2008

hbi: I am definitely interested if the problem is due to Firecookie extension (it’s seems to be impossible to me, but). Could you please post more info about this? Do you have online test-case or could I reproduce that somehow?

Comment by Honza — March 6, 2008


hbi asked me to delete his comment as it turned out that it was an error on his end and nothing to do with Firecookie :)

Comment by Dion Almaer — March 6, 2008

The title has a great big typo (Put you hand -> Put your hand), might wanna fix it because it’s the title and looks funny.

Have a good one Ajaxians!

Comment by csuwldcat — March 6, 2008

Wow. A plugin for a plugin. Why not just add this functionality to the firebug codebase?

Comment by desau — March 7, 2008

Maybe because he doesn’t control the codebase?

Comment by mdmadph — March 7, 2008

Sweet! This is a perfect! And LOL @ the typo :)

Comment by rsumi — March 7, 2008

There is another extension for Firebug called FirePHP. It allows you to log from PHP (and server-side javascript running in the jaxer server environment) to the Firebug Console.

The website is:

Comment by cadorn — April 14, 2008

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