Friday, November 4th, 2005

Firefox 2 and 3: Concurrent Development

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Brendan Eich has posted about new roadmaps and how “we propose to develop the front end of Firefox 2 and the platform for Firefox 3 concurrently, with Firefox 2 releasing in less than a year.”

What’s the plan in the draft for Gecko 1.9

The draft Gecko 1.9 roadmap is interesting.

  • Graphics and layout capabilities: The big move to Cairo, SVG 1.1, Canvas. Good stuff.
  • JavaScript 2: Building upon the “Edition 4” proposals before the ECMA-262 technical group responsible for standardizing the ECMAScript dialect of JavaScript, this work will cherry-pick, for early implementation, elements that are key to developing in JavaScript at the scale required for applications like Firefox. (N.B. that this is not a wholesale adoption of the JavaScript 2 proposal written several years ago by Waldemar Horwat, though the current Edition 4 design is similar in many ways.)
  • Python for XUL: In addition to JavaScript, which is the default web and XUL scripting language, we plan to extend the reach of Gecko and XUL to the Python world. Mark Hammond’s work on PyXPCOM and a language-neutral DOM is well under way.
  • XUL and XBL2: Improvements to the XUL box model should provide a more consistent and flexible layout model for XUL developers, and help to rationalize XUL’s interactions with other content types.
  • Web app deployment and capability improvements: Offline operation and client-local storage. Yay!
  • Embedding and application deployment

Great stuff :)

Mozilla Product Strategy Proposal

Firefox 2.0 Product Planning

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looks good, a lot to be excited about there.

the FF team is doing its bit, now users and website developers need to do their bit.

users need to get FF adoption over 25% so microsoft has no choice but to listen and closely track (or try to leapfrog) the level of standards adoption the FF team is promoting.

web developers have to start playing with the new features and making their use attractive to users.

i am confident these changes will happen in time, there is incredible momentum behind FF now and the idea of an alternative browser is no longer just a geek topic.

Comment by grumpY! — November 4, 2005

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