Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta

Category: Android, Firefox, Mobile

A new beta for mobile this way comes. Outstanding issues addressed include reduced memory usage, improved text rendering install size reduction on Android.

Posted by jvaughan at 2:33 pm

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This might be the shortest Ajaxian post I’ve ever seen.

Comment by antimatter15 — November 11, 2010

agreed, i get more JS related news at HN now, i think ajaxian just died :(

Comment by mrpollo — November 11, 2010

Agreed X2. I just checked my feed thinking “if there’s no post today, I’m deleting this thing”. And this is what I get? A 2-liner?

Been good to me ajaxian, but this was the nail in the coffin. (I’ll give it a week just in case these 3 sad comments are taken to heart…).

Comment by CR4 — November 11, 2010

LOL…is this post for real? Bye bye Ajaxian. It’s been good.

Comment by Jonny — November 11, 2010

There’s also

along with HN of course.

Comment by blinkingmarquee — November 11, 2010

i need another source, is HN hacker network? is there not a javascript only site?

Comment by fricke — November 11, 2010

maybe create ajaxian2!

Comment by fricke — November 11, 2010

lol, so sad. whats HN?

Comment by aw2xcd — November 11, 2010

I was wondering when someone was going write a post about how much of a pain the WM7 browser will be for web developers. It’s not IE7, It’s not IE8, it’s something inbetween. I suppose we’ll have to wait till PPK does indepth testing and analysis.

Comment by GordonStanton — November 11, 2010


I have been coming to ajaxian for a good few years every day to read and learn. It’s been about two weeks now with nothing :( and like you I’m moving on. But to where???

Can people post good alternate places to get similar updates as Ajaxian once was…

Comment by ants — November 12, 2010

Fare thee well, Sir!

Comment by sixtyseconds — November 12, 2010

Easy now. We have all enjoyed elaborate posts in the past – they will come again. A temporary shortage of time to deal with a service such as this is not uncommon.

Comment by KasperNyboe — November 12, 2010

And I mailed them twice to plug my W3 Viewer but they didn’t :/

Comment by simevidas — November 12, 2010

btw speaking of JS news, did you guys know that Firefox 4 beta 7 implements the strict mode of ECMAScript? :D

Comment by simevidas — November 12, 2010

So, now when Ajaxian is officially dead, where do we go? Any good sites addressing JS and Ajax out there?

Comment by gatsmart — November 12, 2010

@aw2xcd HN = Hacker News

Comment by chrismatic — November 12, 2010

Ajaxian was a great site. It published daily news and info that helped me launch my career in web app development.
I owe a huge amount of my skill and knowledge obtained over the last 4 years to the good folks who published here. Ajaxian has been my primary source of continuing education in web development.
Good-bye, Ajaxian. I’ll miss you. We all will.

Comment by pianoroy — November 12, 2010

It’s a pain to see that Ajaxian is dead

Comment by bartolomiew — November 12, 2010

I agree. the frequency of news is incredibly low

Comment by mschipperheyn — November 12, 2010

Even though some of the ‘Ajaxians’ and I have been in a couple of ‘fights’, I too agree. The world is a little bit darker without Ajaxian. Goodbye Dion and all others, and thank you for an awesome magazine and a fantastic ‘run’, about our favorite subject; Open Standards.

Comment by ThomasHansen — November 13, 2010

Wait, is there a replacement? Where am I going to get my JS news from?

Comment by simevidas — November 14, 2010

The rumors of Ajaxian’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Comment by eyelidlessness — November 15, 2010

@eyelidlessness – What rumors? I think some may just be referencing the lack of activity and value.

Comment by sixtyseconds — November 16, 2010

@sixtyseconds, it’s a variation on an old Mark Twain quote (distorted as though through a game of Telephone), which was originally written as “the report of my death was an exaggeration” but has reappeared as a meme, phrased either as “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” or the same with the word “reports” replaced with the word “rumors”. Now that I’ve explained the (not very good) joke, it’s lost all its meager cachet.

Comment by eyelidlessness — November 16, 2010

@eyelidlessness – I feel silly now :D

Comment by sixtyseconds — November 16, 2010

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