Monday, April 5th, 2010

Firefox Heads Up Display for Developers

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Firefox was the Web runtime that gave us the best Web developer tools… some built-in, and then the likes of Firebug. We are seeing more, newer tools coming out of Mozilla. David Dahl, Firefox engineer, is working on a fun new console heads up display:

Create an interactive Console to help web developers understand everything that happens during the creation of a web-page. Console entries will be time-stamped objects representing errors, network traffic, javascript events, DOM/HTML mutation and logging output. The Console will also have an interactive command line for evaluating javascript against the current webpage and an interactive Workspace window for entering and evaluating larger blocks of code.

For web-developers, the Console should include a logging API and a richer interactive environment for executing live javascript against the active webpage.

The Console should fully-replace the existing Error Console window.


Check out the milestone releases to see some of the fun stuff coming.

  • HTTP traffic observation and logging
  • DOM Mutation event logging
  • W3C Timing Spec

Nice work!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:57 pm

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Waaaait a second.

1. Mozilla ignores that it plays host to the best debugging tool of all time.
2. Other vendors implement Firebug-alikes natively into their browsers.
3. Rather than following in kind and try buying/adopting Firebug, Mozilla REPEATS EFFORT, and not even comprehensively.

Well, OK.

Comment by Baryn — April 5, 2010

Another one… the dust.
Why? do we need to learn another console? There are a plenty out there, a different one in every major browser. IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera and FF all got Debug Tools. It’s hillarious that all differ by serving the same abilities, which keeps up the learning curve for us instead of using just one similar interface across all browsers :( (Opera Dragonfly struggles me again on each use, starts with finding the tool…)
I wish they would copy Firebugs behaviour or settle down on a table and all the Debugtool-developers throw in their thoughts and come up with a common interface, same keyboard shortcuts and functionality *dream*
But no, they blast off new tools in the arena…

Comment by gossi — April 5, 2010

This is good. We shouldn’t undervalue the usefulness for native tools for debugging. Customers, support, QA are not always receptive when we tell them to load 3rd party tools to debug our product.

Comment by AngusC — April 5, 2010

While I agree that the replication of features is a pointless and counter productive activity I don’t think that is happening here. I can see this new console being incorporated into Firebug seemlessly where the current Error Console currently is.

Comment by Unifex — April 5, 2010

@Unifex: The question, though, is what exactly is wrong or inadequate with the current Firebug console that it needs reinvention? Reading this post, this console seems to be doing almost everything that Firebug does.

Yes, it will be integrated into Firefox itself, rather than a third-party addon, but personally, I would much rather see a stripped-down version of Firebug itself included with Firefox.

Comment by barryvan — April 6, 2010

It’s competition people. Why is anyone complaining? I think it’s great.

We all know how much time it takes to get a consensus… Why bother? Lets have has many debuggers has possible and let the best one win. If you are tired of learning how new debuggers work. Then I’m sorry but your in the wrong business.

Working in IT is all about learning how new stuff works.

Comment by jnbdz — April 6, 2010

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