Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Flash Embedding Cage Match and SWFFix

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How should we be putting Flash objects into our pages and Ajax applications? embed/object? SWFObject to get by the IE “feature” that makes you click on the area to activate it?

Bobby van der Sluis has written up the history of this lovely world of hacks in Flash Embedding Cage Match.

The good news it that a new project is in town SWFFix:

SWFFix is a project by Geoff Stearns and Bobby van der Sluis with the goal to create the ultimate JavaScript library for embedding Flash content.

Both Geoff and Bobby have made their marks by authoring SWFObject and UFO, which are currently the two most popular open source Flash embed libraries available.

Although both solutions are best of breed today, we believe that things can always be built better.

We teamed up to combine our knowledge and skills and to evolve both our current libraries into one new and improved solution: the SWFFix library.

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3 lines of js can fix the IE activation issue. Its unobtrusive and doesnt require a framework.

Comment by jd — February 7, 2007

This one supports quicktime, wmv, realplayer, flash, and others, it is very small and another alternative.

I really dont think the authors of this article even looked for anything new. They were to busy pimping their own framework.

Comment by jd — February 7, 2007

Good to see they sat down and came up with a name before they even have a line of code written — that’s always the most important feature that I look for in minor novelty web libraries.

Comment by Hang On a Sec — February 7, 2007

The one thing that’s nice about UFO in particular that neither of those other two libraries touch on, is that you can design HTML-driven content in the container DIV where you want the SWF to display ultimately. That is great for SEO, especially if large chunks of the page are designed in Flash per the Marketing Department’s misguided instructions :p

Comment by Mike Ritchie — February 7, 2007

Awesome headline. All I can think of is “two men enter, one man leave – two men enter, one man leave” ..

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — February 7, 2007

do you read the full article? And after reading, do you have compared your plugin.js? Your code uses the non-W3C-conform tag for implementing flash objects in mozilla browsers, and a classid for MSIE. This is somthing what we web developers don’t want.

Comment by gluecksmensch — February 8, 2007

correction: the non-W3C-conform embed tag

Comment by gluecksmensch — February 8, 2007

Its not my code, I am pointing out other alternatives that other people have made. I prefer the 3 line solution.

Comment by jd — February 8, 2007

SWFObject + Ajax + Prototype

Comment by LeChuck — March 5, 2007

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