Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Flash versus Ajax – Keeping Score

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Christian Stocker briefly mentions some notes from a talk given at the Denis and Red, but they both tell the same story (though Denis’ are a bit more complete)

Christian (and his co-presenter Gerhard Andrey) set up a “points” system for each side of the coin, and looked at each’s scores in various categories such as Accessibility, Open Source vs Closed, debugging features, and how it deals with large files. Somehow, though, it seems that they managed to rank equally, both scoring well in different places.

Denis has also included the other comments that were made at the presentation, including what both Flash and Ajax applications need to do before they’d be considered “better” than the other.

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There seems to be a problem with the html in the text “… a talk given at the Denis and Red, …”. You might correct it ;-)

Comment by 2ni — June 22, 2006

… a talk given at the EuroAjax:

Comment by Luc — June 27, 2006


Comment by test — July 4, 2006

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