Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Flex 2.0 Family: Framework, Build, Player, ActionScript 3

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It was great to see Kevin Lynch of Macromedia/Adobe get up on stage at Web 2.0 to announce the Flex 2.0 family of technologies. The new Flex includes Flex Framework 2.0, Flex Builder 2.0 (aka Zorn), Flash Player 8.5 and ActionScript 3.

Kevin started up talking about Measure Map, the blog stat tool by Adaptive Path, where he showed the Flash Integration Bridge speaking bi-directionally between the HTML page and the Flash VM.

Then he delved into the new Flex Builder which is exciting because it really tries to make life easier for developers to create Flash applications without being experts, or creative types.

Seeing a timeline always scares away some developers, and now you see a new world. You see Kevin dragging and dropping in an IDE that looks like any other.

Kevin also discussed how the new Flash Player itself has a brand new VM, which uses a JIT compiler so its native and fast.

Watch Kevin in action at google video

Flex 2 Introduction

See the Flex 2 announcement

How do you feel about Flex 2.0 and how it relates to Ajax?

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My company has a policy of avoiding flash technology. It seems that flash now is starting to play nice with html-javascript-ajax. Before it was either all flash or nothing. Now that flash, html and friends can coexist �seamlessly� flash might be an option we look into. Our philosophy is that it�s ok to put flash in the UI but the whole UI should not be flash. This new technology makes this even more possible. Rather than flash being some resource that adds a nice animation effect we can now user it to truly enhance the user experience without totally committing to flash and walking away from our AJAX based technology.

I am curious about the video of the flash demo. What is the cross domain limitation of this technology? It appears from the presentation there are none. Or was there a server side component to this that was not detailed? Or am I missing something?

Comment by Dean Fragnito — October 11, 2005


Right Flash is more mature now and works nicely with other technologies.

Flash Video’s don’t have cross domain limitation. You can load flash video fliles(FLV) from any domain.

If you want streaming Flash videos, Flash Communication Server can be used. And Flash application and FCS can run in different domains.

Does that clear your doubt?


Comment by Abdul Qabiz — October 12, 2005

Umm not really. I know I can load Flash or any other resource (jpg, gif, QuickTime, JavaScript, etc..) from any domain. That�s what makes the web go around.

Once flash is loaded can it then do a http get, post, put cross domains. The demo at web 2.O did this with what appears to be only client side technology. Was there a server side component to this?

I guess I should RTFM

As far as Flash on the server that will never happen in our world. We are still debating over Flash on the client

Comment by Dean Fragnito — October 13, 2005


Two approaches to cross domain loading of data into a Flash/Flex app. a) use a policy file (crossdomain.xml) on the originating server. b) use a proxy server. In this case, FlickR has the crossdomain policy file (as do many public sites) so there is not need for any server side coding to build the app Kevin showed.


Comment by dmendels — October 17, 2005

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