Monday, June 23rd, 2008 gets another new build

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Todd Ditchendorf keeps on pushing with Fluid, the Single Site Browser system that does so much more by giving you rich integration points. Ben and I demonstrated how we use Campfire as a Fluid application that ties us into Growl and more.

The latest version includes the following new features:

Single Window Browsing Mode (General Preferences). Actually this is more correctly called “TargetedLinksCreateTabs” and means that any website which attempts to spawn a new browser window will create a new tab in the current window instead. The user may still create new windows with cmd-N.

True Full Screen Browsing Mode. cmd-opt-F. (Window menu -> Toggle Full Screen Mode)

Change to Embedded SSBs. Now they can be made to obey your “Spaces Behavior” preference (appear in all or not). This is cool cuz you can set a different Embedded SSB in each Space for a different background in each. Unfortunately, this means that by default Embedded SSBs don’t work with Expose quite the way I have demonstrated. However, you can reclaim that Expose behavior by changing the Spaces Behavior setting to “Windows Appear in All Spaces”

Thumbnail Plug-in: Significantly improved load time/UI response time performance, when refreshing the current page to reload the thumbnails, the selected index is preserved, and adding built-in URL Pattern for Microsoft’s search engine.

Also, I noticed a screencast that Todd did, showing TinyURL integration that gives you a context-menu to do what I just did with Endpoint, it resolves the URL for you. Very nice indeed. I was going to do a bookmarklet for it myself.

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I use Fluid for Socialthing and Plurk, works pretty well. Much better than keeping a tab open all the timem

Comment by theiBlog — June 25, 2008

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