Thursday, November 24th, 2005

Fluxiom: Ajax Asset Management

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Thomas Fuchs of has just let the cat out of the bag on the top secret Ajax/Web 2.0 project that he has been working on.

The product is Fluxiom and it is:

We’ve finally unveiled what we’ve been working on the last months. It’s a Ajax/Web 2.0 Application (of course) that does asset management, and it’s called fluxiom.

Here’s a short overview of what it does, with some of the marketing speak clarified:

  • Upload/Manage/Preview/Download digital media files and documents from any browser and platform (IE, Firefox/Mozilla, Safari and others)
  • User-definable tags for categorizing, plus realtime tag filtering and RSS feeds for tag filters (like “inform me of any changes for assets tagged as ‘Marketing’ and ‘Logos'”)
  • Freely zoomable “thumbnail” view and full-screen previews
  • Realtime searching in metadata and inside files and documents (indexed fulltext search for things like PDF, DOC, and so on)
  • Share assets with others using automatically generated .ZIP download packages (so you don’t have to send those 50MB emails)
  • Uploads are presented with a progress bar plus you can continue to work in the application while doing an upload
  • Supports more than 100 file formats, color profiles, EPS crop marks, plus some more “professional” features

Most important though is that is does all that without getting in your way, and it even looks good.

Since this is a Web 2.0 product, you can’t actually use it yet :) All Web 2.0 products start off with 0.1 versions that allow you to do the same thing:

Register your email to get told when it goes beta

They have one-up’d the usual process where you can’t see ANYTHING about the product.

Check out the video that makes the app look totally killer. You will ask yourself “is this really a web app?”.

I can’t wait for the alpha. Hook us up Thomas! :)


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I wonder what lies beneath – Rails? Java?
Will it be open source or commercial?
I think the images are resizable. I wonder if they want to do it browser-based? I think that won’t look too good because of pixelization, so they probably use flash like flicker or ImageMagick on the server. Hmm… certainly something to keep an eye on

Comment by wooyay — November 24, 2005

And another thing: I couldn’t play the mov because the site says I don’t have Quicktime 7. I had to search through the javascripts for the .mov so I could play it in mplayer. So here is the direct link:

Comment by wooyay — November 24, 2005

What’s the point of loading 100k of javascript files for a web application?

Comment by John — November 24, 2005

I really thought it was all about assets and then found out its a cooler version of a document webstorage.

How neat…

Comment by Denho Bilir — November 25, 2005

“What’s the point of loading 100k of javascript files for a web application?”

Well lets see John … maybe its the superior user experience?

Comment by Simon G — November 25, 2005

I can load 100k of data on my mobile phone in approx. 2 secs..

Comment by Scott — September 13, 2007

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