Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Form.Check: Great Form Validation for MooTools

Category: JavaScript, MooTools

Form validation is one of those problems that every IT developer has to deal with at one point or another. Form.Check is a MooTools plug-in library for dealing with client-side validation easily:

And, it’s very easy to use:


  1. window.addEvent('domready', function(){
  2.     new FormCheck('formular', {
  3.         display : {
  4.             errorsLocation : 1,
  5.             indicateErrors : 2
  6.         }
  7.     })
  8. });

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 10:00 am

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An outstanding plugin! Very useful and practical.

Comment by davidwalsh83 — October 22, 2008

In the demo, and I realize it’s just a demo, it forces users to enter at least 3 characters for a last name. Had this been real and live, I would not be able to register. I encountered many live sites in the past that have a three-letters minimum requirement, and I never knew how I could come up with a third letter.

Other than that, it’s excellent.

Kevin Le

Comment by kevinle — October 22, 2008

I created a similar thing a little while back:

It’s standalone, and provides validation through class names or a JavaScript DSL like API. Check it out!

Comment by cjohansen — October 22, 2008

Wow, as the creator of fValidator I’m really happy that someone took what I thought it was a good plugin and extended it to make a marvelous one! This Form.Check is an amazing thing XD – CONGRATULATIONS!

Comment by nagaozen — October 22, 2008

this is going to save me a lot of time. thanks!

Comment by Alex — October 23, 2008

In the middle of developing a form validation system myself so it’s interesting to see how they did it.

The error messages are dumped at the end of the html document so they’re pretty useless to screen readers. Also, the errors appear if you tab through the form, so you need to complete the form sequentially to get the full effect.

Interesting use of class names. Don’t know how I feel about it, but certainly interesting.


Comment by jaffathecake — October 23, 2008

I started a similar jQuery plugin a while back called jVal:

Has animated flyouts that look great and uses space efficiently.

That and it’s easy as heck to plug in on-demand validation and key press validation on most input fields with simple attributes added to the markup.

Comment by num — October 24, 2008

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