Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Free Ajax Ringtone Maker

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My sister-in-law was just asking me about editing ringtones, and then an hour later I get told about this free Ajax ringtone maker.

You can send it some audio, make quick edits (Flash/Ajax integration), and then create the new ringtone.

There are social features too. When you create the new tone, you choose how public you want it to be.

Free Ringtone Maker

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:05 am

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very nice tool. i tried one of mp3, works perfect! thanks for the tip.

Comment by tom — December 20, 2006

they support lots of audio formats, but if they can add wma format also, then i will give them 5 star :)

Comment by kaokao — December 20, 2006

I had trouble getting a wav file to work. Try out – I’ve had better luck with them.

Comment by John — December 25, 2006

I use Phone Sherpa – they and Xingtones are the only real companies with working ringtone maker service – the rest are scams that say they are free and sign you up for unwanted paid alerts. I prefer Phone Sherpa to Xingtones because Xingtones requires a software download and the app is not very stable – it crashed my computer 3 times before I gave up. I sent an email to Phone Sherpa ‘cos my phone was giving me trouble and they were really cool about helping even though the problem was my Sprint phone and not them.

Comment by Jeremy — March 17, 2007

KeepV Flash Converter is a free and powerful utility software that converts Flash/FLV files –

Comment by marc — April 13, 2007

I use
it’s free.
you make the tone yourself and it has different ways you can send the tone to your phone
you can also make graphics.

I LOVE it.

Comment by Chrisanthea — April 24, 2007


as i am a person doing my own ringtones for quite a while (using propellerheads reason program) i have plenty of them. but what if you want to share your selfmade goodies with other mobile Mad asses?
i found this german site quite interesting:
they do crazy stuff AND you can upload your stuff!! check it out!

Comment by deluxeXXL — April 26, 2007

what about the sidekick hiptop? i can’t see to find a site that will provide actual ringtones for free or allow me to make my own and be compatible.

Comment by Charron — May 3, 2007

Looks like the bots got in on this post posting for every crap ringtone company on the planet. Thanks Jeremy for the Phone Sherpa rec, I tried Xingtone too but hate having to download software. Sherpa isn’t free but at least they dont do all the sneaky stuff the other guys do. two thumbs up!
DeluxeXXL – the Sidekick is blocked by T-Mobile from receiving anything except from T-Mobile. Thats why I gave mine to my sister.

Comment by Tyrell — May 20, 2007

I have used this site before, and now i was going to make some more ringtones when i click on the link got to the site, clicked on the free ajax ringtone maker, and it took me to some goofy site and i cant get it to work. I checked out other sites but this is the best so i am wondering if anyone else is having this problem, or if anyone has a solution let me know.

Comment by BRyan — May 22, 2007

tried other sites listed in the comments, i have to say the cellsea is the coolest one. easy to use and free download from wap or to pc, highly rec!

Comment by peter — July 1, 2007

This thing is easy to use….but my phone brower won’t open up the site to download the ringtone onto your phone. Why’s that?

Comment by jenny — July 28, 2007

One more tool like this

Comment by Mube — August 1, 2007

well you can just check this one:

Comment by David Joe — September 28, 2007

Comment by manilo — October 10, 2007

I would recommend Mobiletrend you can request any ringtone that you would like to have. Really cool service.

Comment by orioncs — August 13, 2008

Thanks for the ringtone maker links. I’ve been searching for this…Glad I found it here.

Comment by aardael — February 21, 2009

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