Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Free Book Chapter: Google Maps API and Ajax

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The Pragmatic Programmers recently released a short title in their new Pragmatic Fridays set of short books.

Their latest book is devoted to the Google Maps API, and the Pragmatic Programmers have given the chapter on Ajax for members to download for free.

Scott Davis, the author, gets deep into the API, and covers:

  • Google Maps
  • For Those in a Hurry…. Getting basic Google Map windows
    up and running.
  • The Excruiciating Details. Core objects, map controls,
    user data, evens, AJAX, and documentation.
  • Core Objects. The low-level objects that define your
    interactions: GMap, GPoint, GSize, and GBounds.
  • Map Control Objects. Panning, zooming, map types.
  • User Data Objects. Adding your own markers: GMarker,
    GIcon, Info Window, and GPolyline.
    an extract
  • Events. Adding interaction to your maps: GEvent,
    GBrowserIsCompatible, GMap Events, GMarker Events, Examples.
  • AJAX. DHTML and AJAX, GXmlHttp, Geocoder Web Services, Example.
  • Where do we go from here?.

Download Google Maps Ajax Book Chapter


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Thanks for this one dion…

Very nice download!

Comment by Allan R. — November 30, 2005


Pleasure. Thanks for being part of the community.



Comment by Dion Almaer — November 30, 2005

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this chapter is pretty useless if you’re actually looking to learn how to use the Google Maps API. It’s really just a foray into how Google’s Ajax and XML wrappers work, with a brief detour into geocoding.

It doesn’t cover anything GMaps-related.

Comment by Patrick Corcoran — November 30, 2005

I found a typo (i think)

page 61
first line
missing a “to”

you have “to” jump through

Comment by Majd — December 1, 2005


Thanks alot for pointing us to the wonderful resources !! :)

Balakumar Muthu

Comment by Balakumar Muthu — December 1, 2005

The download link doesn’t work for me :-\

Comment by some1else — January 12, 2006

seems like your mime/type is messed on the .pdf download. Using winXP and firefox 1.5, I can downlaod the file, but can’t open it.

Comment by anonymous coward — February 9, 2006

Please, the link is broken, is it possible to have a new one?

Comment by acemtp — February 18, 2006

Hey guys,

Please sort out the link. People have been asking for a new one. 30 seconds to upload a new file . . . . . !!! C’mon get it together :-)

Comment by lax_ajax — March 4, 2006

Google map you mean by google earth?

Comment by Buy cialas — April 19, 2007

I have meaning to dig into some of the Google APIs, maybe this will give me a little shove. Thanks.

Comment by Justin — June 28, 2007

Thanks Dion this is just what I was looking for even if it is a couple years old ;)

Comment by flash — June 28, 2007

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