Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Free talk at Yahoo on the 27th about the software revolution that is JavaScript

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Yahoo invites to their campus in Sunnyvale, California on the 27th of August to hear Douglas Crockford talk about “Loopage”.

Douglas with a Slinky by photo

In his own words:

Software development is hampered by a specific set of design mistakes that were made in the first programming languages and repeated in everything that has been done since. And, somewhat miraculously, JavaScript is going to make it right, radically transforming the way we write applications. Again. In the Loop of History, it has all happened before, but it has never happened like this. This is why you should care about the emergence of server-side JavaScript and the excitement around projects like Node.js — not because they’re at the sharp end of a trend, but because they’re paving the road toward the next big revolution in software.

You can sign up for your free ticket on Meetup and there are still a few places left. As with all the BayJax talks the video will be available later on, too.

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Where will the video be posted, in this post or a new one?

Comment by Jonsul — August 13, 2010

so this blurb wants to reassure us that all the blatant blunders committed in the design of javascript are ‘right’ because Node.js is ‘exciting’?

Comment by loveencounterflow — August 13, 2010

Node.js is exciting because it works on an event queue instead of thread pool, which, turns out, is the right way to do http.

Comment by nea — August 15, 2010

I’m really impressed with Node. However, it’s still in the development stages. Anyone know if it’s ready stand alone as a primary server (i.e. no nginx or apache)?

Comment by Figaro — August 22, 2010

Please to god record these sessions! I can’t go because I don’t live in the area. I’d like to watch all the sessions online, though.

Comment by Figaro — August 22, 2010

Were these sessions recorded? If so, then could someone provide a link please?

Comment by Figaro — September 12, 2010

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