Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Freshlogic Studios Folders

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Jacob DuBray and Freshlogic Studios have a new Ajax application out in the wild:

Folders allows you to work with your files on the internet, the same way you work with them on your desktop. We’ve turned months of research and development into a simple, modern website that allows you to upload, manage, and share your digital photos, music, movies and documents with your friends. Upload your files, browse through your friends’ folders, even search to see what other people are sharing.

Folders also has RSS syndication built right in, giving you what we call “one-click podcasting”. Easily evangelize your thoughts and ideas to the world.

Freshlogic Folders

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:24 am

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bleh, looks cool but after signing up for an account I find out that you only get to play with that toy if you then go “pro”… :/

Comment by Jon Hartmann — June 5, 2007

Hmmm… the banner graphic looks real familiar.
“Borrowed” possibly?

Comment by Kris G. — June 5, 2007

it’s cool tech wise…..but the applicaiton itself doesn’t seem to offer anything paticular?

good read anyway.

Comment by Liming Xu — June 5, 2007

Yeah, unfortunately we can’t afford to give away storage yet. We’re only two people and don’t have VC to do that. But, you can get a free one month Pro membership by clicking on any of the “Make Me a Pro” buttons on our site. That way you can at least try it for a month before you decide to drop the $5/month to renew your Pro membership.
I hope that helps.

Comment by Jacob DuBray — June 5, 2007

Kris, where have you seen a banner like ours before. I made it from scratch in Photoshop like all of our stuff. I’d love to see an example. Thanks!

Comment by Jacob DuBray — June 5, 2007

Hmm… Reminds me a lot of Windows Live Folders (http://www.liveside.net/blogs/main/archive/2007/05/12/windows-live-folders-beta-review.aspx)

Coincidence, or borrowing of ideas?

Comment by anonymous — June 5, 2007

It seems really interesint but windows, linux, mac os x and any other operative system support WebDav so is possible to obtain the same result using own file explorer instead of this, that remain hovever interesting :)

I use WebDav by a lot of time and it’s a really interesting technology that can be really expanded

A feature, i think, a lot interesting would be to let who wanna do it to use WebDav, so who want can use webdav and from web can use own favorite browser


Comment by daniele_dll — June 5, 2007

Jacob, I believe you if you say you created it. Perhaps I saw it on your site some time ago. Have you had a mention in AJAXIAN before?

I’m sorry if I cast any aspersion on your site design.

It was a compelling graphic and stuck in my mind.

Comment by Kris G. — June 5, 2007

really belongs as a firefox plugin to manage S3 folders with a nice GUI or something. i dont want a middleman and failure point- aMAzon is proably going to be up 99.97% the time

that is, if webDav didnt do the trick for you. lets keep reinventing things with proprietary protocols and $6 monthly subscription fees until the second coming..

Comment by ix — June 5, 2007

I agree, WebDav is highly useful and can do some of what is offered here. But the sharing with your friends feature of Folders by Fresh Logic Studios is unique. And this thing truely pushes the limits of what can be accomplished in a web brower with DHTML/AJAX/etc…

Comment by Shawn Miller — June 6, 2007

I should also mention that a WebDav access layer to your data on Folders is something we might work on in the future if there’s enough interest.

Comment by Shawn Miller — June 6, 2007

Kris, you probably did remember it from another Ajaxian post. They’ve been kind enough to post articles about our Bugs product and Atlas, our Virtual Earth mashup. I hope you like what we’ve done. Thanks!

Comment by Jacob DuBray — June 6, 2007

I am sure part of this solution looks familiar, still, any fress ideas are always welcomed by me.

Comment by BannerMan — September 13, 2007


Comment by ric smith — September 28, 2007

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