Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Frevvo Live Forms Builder

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frevvo Live Forms is (yet another) Ajax-based web form builder that has been created for business forms. It was created by developers who were getting tired of hand-coding forms for clients.

Some specific business form capabilities are:

  1. XML aware forms.
  2. Fancy layouts – collapsible sections, tabs …
  3. Dynamically repeating things – multiple cars, email addresses …
  4. Business rules – conditional sections, computed values …
  5. Complex validation – validate against a database or a complicated regex
  6. and more.

Live Forms uses Ajax extensively to “not provide the same old forms” but break the “Submit-Wait-Refresh” cycle and create a real, rich user experience.

The signup page itself is an example of a simple form in action.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:10 am

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“Inspired” by Wufoo I presume…

Comment by Flashpro — February 15, 2007

sure.. it’s very similar to Wufoo

Comment by baldo — February 15, 2007

what a terrible rip.

Comment by louis — February 15, 2007

WuFoo’s implementation is delightful. But if Frevvo intially looks like a rip-off of WuFoo, it really just means that there’s an emerging consensus on “best practice” for webforms. The UI, input filtering, and immediate validation are becoming de facto requirements for serious forms.

When you look closer at Frevvo’s examples, they do MANY more things like conditional logic, tabs, repeating entry areas, etc. That stuff is difficult to do well. It seems obvious that Frevvo is taking things where Wufoo ought to have gone in the first place. I’m not affiliated with either company.

Comment by WaFla — February 15, 2007

*sigh* I just don’t know … the site doesn’t have flashy violators or rounded corners. Just what the hell were you thinking trying to launch a web 2.0 site without those??? It doesn’t even say BETA anywhere for cryin’ out loud!!

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE fix these heinous errors before going public with something like this. Really.

*wink* Sorry, I couldn’t resist. ROFLMAO

Comment by DigitaLink — February 15, 2007

I’m not sure how I feel about that question mark poppin on and off the screen, it’s a bit on the distracting side. Plus, the label elements are missing their for=”” attributes, at least on the examples page. And, do you really need to Ajax validate radio buttons onclick? But nifty still.

Comment by Lindsey Simon — February 15, 2007

Unfortunately, frevvo does not currently support your browser!
Please try frevvo on:

* Firefox 1.5 or higher
* Internet Explorer Version 6 only
* Camino 1.0 or higher

This, from Camino Version 2007010801 (1.1a2)

Why do people still insist on writing browser detection utilities? Annoying when they are properly written, and even worse when they don’t work at all….

When you look closer at Frevvo’s examples, they do MANY more things like conditional logic, tabs, repeating entry areas, etc. That stuff is difficult to do well.

Apparently. From the repeating forms example: Add a phone number (which adds two), then click remove, and:

Status: 404
Message: Control _18UEQr0uEduG2Me8fheS4Q not found


Comment by Wayne Larsen — February 15, 2007

It’s more fun to create such forms on your own :) And even more to create your own library for forms to stick with. This service is okay to those who need it, but i like it old fashion’d.

Comment by Kjell — February 16, 2007

The site doesn’t display properly on Firefox 2 on Linux. The form elements are way off to the left.

It’s also very slow and cumbersome. A little more help for what each button does would go a long way.

Comment by Billy — February 19, 2007

Dion, is this really as good as it gets for form bulding? All these years I’ve been thinking to myself how tedious and redundant all my coding is, but diehard against wysiwyg, but now tired of hand coding EVERYTHING, and moving back to wysiwyg. I’m pissed if this is all there really is….where have the super-nerds been while us middle-nerds have been wasting our time!!?? Please tell me there is something better out there?

Comment by Nate Foster — February 23, 2007

You ain´t seen nothing yet !
Please check the Swedish software professionals nSpike, really did it. Intelligent dynamic information collection flow is really something special !

Comment by Ronald — March 13, 2007

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