Friday, July 13th, 2007

Friday fun with speech bubbles

Category: Fun, JavaScript

Remy Sharp has just released his initial version of JavaScript Speech Bubbles – allowing you to place and share speech bubbles with your own commentary from any web site like Facebook or Flickr.

Remy said:

I’ve often looked a picture of friends and wanted to slap on my own
speech bubble with some amusing comment, so I went about writing this.

The size and orientation of the speech bubble is fixed, but it adds
to the creative fun – a bit like twitter’s 140 character limitation.

Speech Bubbles

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:52 am

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Ha-ha, nice!

Comment by Калоян К. Цветков — July 13, 2007

This is realy a nice script, i will use it a lot of time i think!

Comment by Thomas Sojka — July 13, 2007

Great job Remy!

Comment by Rey Bango — July 13, 2007

This is a lot of fun, especially on Facebook :)

Comment by Tane Piper — July 13, 2007

This looks like lots of fun. On the “public” page, if the IFrame in which the original site is loaded scrolls, does the bubble above move with it?

Comment by Mike Ritchie — July 13, 2007

“How many times have you looked at a photo on the Internet and wanted to add your own commentary with a speech bubble?”


Comment by Scott — July 13, 2007

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