Friday, February 17th, 2006

Friday Geek Humour: Announcing Web 2.0.1

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Web 2.0.1 has been announced on the ink-stained banana.

It’s Friday, so time to go light:

We would like to alert you that there’s been a patch release to Web 2.0 to address some minor bugs and address valuable new features. Although this is a minor upgrade, and should not effect your use of Web 2.0, please note the following changes.

  • Bug 84318192-b: We’ve addressed a problem with the automatic product revision system that caused products to be stuck at “beta” level. Please note that many of these projects are actually Version 1.0 (with several at Version 2.0).
  • Bug 84399290.3: We’ve also noticed that the term “version” when applied to a web based application is kind of dumb. It’s not like you can uninstall “News” and use a previous version anyway.
  • Bug 84410000: The use of weird names for products is not a bug, it’s a feature.
  • Bug 84435923: There have been an inordinate number of map based applications. This was due to a programming creativity glitch. Shock collars have been distributed.
  • Bug 85211006: Due to various copyright issues and a new sponsorship plan, the use of Javascript and DHTML to modify pages shall be called “DR-BRONNERS”
  • Bug 85732641: We thought about introducing an RSS feed of the current time, but decided it was dumb. So we did it anyway. XML
  • Bug 86753090: We were thinking about allowing page generators to specify various tags associated with the content they generate. Then we realized those were covered by “meta:keywords”, overrun by spammers and now nobody uses them. So we changed the name, they’re now called “Generator Tags”. We understand several startups announced this morning are basing their business model off of them.
  • Bug 93242381: … PROFIT! (Yeah, still working on that one.)

We urge all current Web 2.0 users to upgrade to Web 2.0.1 as soon as possible.
Or to wait a few weeks for Web 2.1.0.
(or wait about a month for Web 3.0)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:56 am

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If it wasn’t for domain squatters we probably wouldn’t really have such an issue with the funky names. Besides if you can’t use the name of the app as a verb then it isn’t worth anything. I want to squirb this in my blogger and then i want to flickr my meebolizer.

Comment by Brian — February 17, 2006

Nice :-) Very entertaining.

Comment by Ben — February 17, 2006

Too funny … wonder how many will read it and try to upgrade. LOL

Comment by Crazy Hippy — February 17, 2006

Oops, found out that Web 2.0.1 is not compatible with my current browser. Any downgrade option?

Comment by Kates — February 17, 2006

Whoever wrote this is a terrible comedian. DO NOT quit your day job unless you are a bad programmer too.

Comment by twktue — February 17, 2006

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Web 2.0.1 �リリース�れ�

via Ajaxian Web 2.0.1 ã?®ãƒªãƒªãƒ¼ã‚¹ã?Œç™ºè¡¨ã?•ã‚Œã?Ÿã€‚ ã?„ã??ã?¤ã?‹ãƒž…

Trackback by 秋元@サイボウズ研究所プログラマーBlog — February 18, 2006

twktue – hit a little too close to home?

Comment by Ben — February 18, 2006

ben – naw, I’ve been watching Chappelle’s Show DVDs with my friends and discussing the nuances and subtleties of comedy and how comedians observe the world.

I think this guy has actually made some good observations about Web 2.0, however the delivery is flat, kinda boring, and not well executed. So what I should have said was, “Good points, not very funny”. But being in the spirit of comic/critic, I myself, made a lame joke…

Comment by twktue — February 18, 2006

try web 2.5 on for size – your web service employer suddenly gets the urge to fire half of the employees in the shop. coming in late 2006 or 2007 to an s&p 500 firm near you

Comment by grumpy — February 18, 2006

twktue – Fair enough :-) I’d probably had too much coffee when I replied to read it in any way but the literal.

Here’s a belayed laugh in your honor! ;p

Comment by Ben — February 20, 2006

Announcing Web 2.0.1

リンク: Ajaxian ? Friday Geek Humour: Announcing Web 2.0.1 Ajaxian��紹介�れ��る��Web2.0.1��

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rofl, the catcher is, most of us are at the point where “web 2.0.1” looks appealing, LOL!… this is indeed the final irony of this generation X ;)

Comment by Frodo Jon — March 18, 2006

rofl, the catcher is, most of us are at the point where “web 2.0.1” looks appealing, LOL!… this is indeed the final irony of this generation X ;)

802.11!!! :P

Comment by Frodo Jon — March 18, 2006

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That’s so true that it’s funny, but painful as well. :)

Comment by Miles Burke — March 29, 2006

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