Friday, July 17th, 2009

Fun Friday Platformer

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Fancy a break? Take Mr. Speaker’s little JavaScript platformer for a spin.

Have a great weekend, and a quick reminder:

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:54 pm

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well, i find this really interesting, and in fact the only problem is that is hackeable using firebug:

in the script tab, watch the variable “game”, then look for the object “player”, and start to modify gravity, lives, etc…

Comment by tbogard — July 17, 2009

tbogard, that’s true for all JavaScript games, not just this one.

Although, there are some ways of making hacking harder by having an anonymous scope where the code runs inside. But, who cares? If you cheat at a single player game, well, it’s no different than stacking the cards to your advantage before you play Solitaire

Comment by Drakim — July 17, 2009

25+ years ago you could hack games by setting the right values at the right positions of the game binary (there were only a few kB of code to disassemble). Magazines had articles listing memory locations and values. JavaScript hacks belong to that tradition and in the spirit of these new times of higher level languages, they’re easier and quicker to perform :-)

Comment by pmontrasio — July 18, 2009

Hehe, right on pmontrasio. Blocking cheats on a client side scripting language is simply impossible. Even if you made some uber impressive system that figured out if the player was getting score “too fast” and thus has to be cheating, the player could simply delete the said anti cheating system. As mentioned, everything is entirely client side, and it’s not compiled in advance.

Comment by Drakim — July 18, 2009

i hope someday we can see binary javascript like in extended toolkit for adobe apps, so probably will be dificult to hack js games…

jsbin rules!!!!

Comment by tbogard — July 18, 2009

This is really nice! It reminds me of the 80s. Nicely done, Mr. Speaker. It’s amazing how JavaScript is evolving.

Comment by marcinx — July 20, 2009

Very fun..

It was also Mario Bross in Javascript here:

Comment by Jerusalem — July 22, 2009

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