Friday, June 10th, 2005

Fun: Javascript Gamelib

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We had some interesting feedback to the Lemmings game that we posted for a bit of fun.

Scott Schiller pointed us to JavaScript Gamelib.

Gamelib was originally developed by Scott Porter of (has been defunct for a few years now), and is a pretty cool library. Scott had classic scrolling arcade games and a particularly-cool multi-player pool game going on his site using some remote iframe tricks and other techniques like tile-based animation to show the other player moving their pool cue around etc without eating up tons of CPU via traditional image swapping.

Brent Silby has since taken over the development of Gamelib, he’s got some fun games. He used to make regular contributions to (a directory of sorts, in addition to being Scott’s personal site.)

Scott Schiller himself, has a related project. He recreated the classic Arkanoid.

Wallbuster Game

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My brother used to make programs when we were kids on his vic 20, and then commodor 64.
He made stuff like that back in the 80’s.
I rember some of that programing.
10 print “8”
20 goto line 10

Comment by Anna — November 7, 2005

I went looking for this gamelib a while back but found the site gone and could not find the lib files.. so what else is there to do but start building from scratch.

This is a much more graphical beast than my cow (Creative Object World)

Using the wonders of AJAX and with the help of a little perl script I now have a neat little multi-player web-based graphic game engine (right now being used to recreate aspects of the pokemon world thanks to my son Josh).

Quite simply each object on the screen (go on click-drag one around) is associated with a single file in a folder on the server (thanks to the perl script) so moving a tree to a new location just updated the filename in the folder.

Anyone logged in will see this change and the tree will move accoringly.

Sorry it only works in FireFox at the moment, I have not workd out why IE is complaining about the ajax code.

all comments are welcome.
(muses – where are the line breaks??)

Comment by wolis — November 14, 2005

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Comment by warez photoshop — February 3, 2006

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Comment by Kris — March 3, 2006

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Comment by article submission directory — March 4, 2006

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