Friday, June 22nd, 2007

FV3: Real Estate Unit Info

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James MacFarlane developed this real estate map to give real-time data of unit availability in one of our rental developments. You can mouse-over the available units to view the townhouse details, and click to view the floor plan. It’s simple, clean and to the point.

The application makes heavy use of Prototype and throughout.

Since it is Friday, he even has an easter egg in there.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:09 am

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Nice, except that for those who are colour-blind it’s really quite difficult to see which houses have information.

Comment by Richard Livsey — June 22, 2007

Didn’t noticed any egg, but noticed some bugs instead: when clicking on availible units frequently, townhouse details degan to behave weird)

Comment by dienow — June 22, 2007

Diewnow, thanks for the tip. It seems if you double-click on one of the units in Firefox, the Scriptaculous grow effect gets confused. It doesn’t do that in IE though.

Comment by James MacFarlane — June 22, 2007

Looking at the source, it appears that an flying saucer is supposed to appear after around 8 minutes or so, but I could be mistaken.

Comment by Josh Charles — June 22, 2007

The saucer appears after 5 seconds, moves a couple of hundred pixels and then disappears for good….oops, did I just give it away?

Comment by roryf — June 22, 2007

It’s not bad – but I really hate anything that resizes your browser. In this day and age, it just shouldn’t be done

Comment by Brian — June 22, 2007

This is very cool. I wish more rentals had this sort of map. Maybe you need to expand it and license it out to more property management companies?

Comment by Philip Plante — June 22, 2007

Nice, but i agree with the previously stated comments.
– Red numbers do not stand out enough.
– DO NOT RESIZE MY WINDOW. If you want a set window size, open a popup. Resizing a window does not only resize your window, but all my tabs too.

Comment by louis — June 22, 2007

Love it and agree with Philip. This type of map should be available from every builder and planned unit development. Nice work.

Comment by Aaron — June 22, 2007

I appreciate the feedback. I have un-bolded the occupied units so that the available ones are more obvious and I have disabled the resizing. The map was supposed to be a pop-up from the main page, which is Flash-based, so the resizing was a compromise (being target=’_blank’, as opposed to a JS pop-up).

Comment by James MacFarlane — June 22, 2007

As an IT Administrator for a Property Management company I like what you’ve done here. My concerns are accessibility of course and the amount of labor involved to get a system like this up and running with 40+ properties. Very cool idea though.

Comment by Bill Szczytko — June 22, 2007

I think desktop version would be more useful, faster and easier to implement. That’s for sure.

Comment by Andrew Gourmet — June 22, 2007

First thing I thought was Definitely not California housing prices :p Awesome concept, cool execution.

Also, Under Contact > Rental Centre Hours > Thursday is misspelled.

Comment by donoho — June 22, 2007

This is fantastic. I am highly impressed with this.

Can someone please point me to a tutorial or book that shows how to do such a thing ?
I would love to experiment with something like this.

Comment by Saurabh Bhide — June 23, 2007

James MacFarlane, bug was in IE also, but now it’s fixed

By the way noticed another thing:
“close” button appers after some time and when you stop expanding of townhouse details it appears anyway

Comment by dienow — June 23, 2007

@Saurabh Bhide: The code is all on the page so if you wanted to learn how to build something like, just take a look at the page source.

Comment by Rey Bango — June 23, 2007

Talking about the source code – it’s plain awful…

Comment by Alex — June 24, 2007

yep, the source code is disgusting

Comment by alshur — June 25, 2007

Nice tool! I love it. I’ve plan to use it very soon indeed.

Comment by Dimitar Ivanov — June 26, 2007

What was the map (graphic) made with?

Comment by Charles — June 26, 2007

Cool concept. I can see more persons applying this type of interactive feature for their target audience. I like it. :)

Comment by Malok — August 18, 2007

It’s very good to know about house plan. People will be benefited for it.

Comment by Portland1 — June 20, 2008

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