Monday, February 25th, 2008

Gaia Tranquility – Ajax Components for .Net

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Gaiaware, developers of Gaia .Net Ajax suite of components, have released a new version of their suite called Tranquility. The release focuses heavily on improving the overall quality and performance of the framework with much client-side refactoring done. They’ve also upgraded to the latest release of Prototype and

We have refactored the client side JavaScript a lot which makes a much more clean API for our users who wants to extend Gaia Controls

In addition, they’ve updated the installers to integrate nicely with prior installations of Visual Studio making it easier for .Net developers to immediately take advantage of Gaia components.

A complete list of updates can be reviewed via their changelog. To see the new features of Gaia Tranquility in action, be sure to visit the demos:

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It’s still bloatware from my point of view. Take the Ajax effects page, 19 separate js files and 334k down the wire. Whilst the effects are good you do pay a penalty. Exactly the same for any of the MS Ajax Control Toolkit controls

Comment by SteveFDotNet — February 26, 2008

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