Thursday, August 28th, 2008

GALGWT 1.0… it isn’t a land next to Mordor

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GWT has long had a project that aimed to give rich support for Google APIs called GALGWT, or “Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit”.

This project has stepped up to higher gear recently, and we have seen the GALGWT 1.0 release candidate appear.

What is in GALGWT?

The project is a collection of libraries that provide Java language bindings
and API specific ‘plumbing’ for some Google JavaScript APIs. The goal is to
make it easy for developers to use these JavaScript APIs with GWT. Libraries
available at this time include a new version of Gears, as well as new
libraries for Gadgets and the Google AJAX Search API.

Gears 1.1 Library

A new version of the Gears library is available. In addition to the earlier
version’s support for the Gears LocalServer, Database, and WorkerPool, 1.1
adds integrated support for offline applications and updated sample
applications. The bindings have also been refactored to use GWT 1.5
JavaScript overlay types and a new package hierarchy.

Gadgets 1.0 Library

The Gadgets library simplifies gadget development with GWT by automatically
generating a Gadget specification from Java source and inserting a selection
script in the specification much like a regular GWT project. After compiling
your gadget with GWT, all files are in place to publish your gadget. This
version currently supports the legacy Gadgets API based on the _IG_…

Google AJAX Search 1.0 Library

The Google AJAX Search API lets you put Google Search in your web pages,
including Web, Local, and Multimedia searches. This library allows you to
access the API from Java code compiled with the GWT compiler without having
to write additional JavaScript code.

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