Monday, October 3rd, 2005 cleans up their act and gets Ajaxian

Category: Showcase has gone through a recent relaunch. The big changes are that they have gone XHTML Strict, and no tables are to be seen.

They also have added subtle UI changes, many using Ajax.

These include:

  • QuickLook: When you mouseover some clothing, a QuickLook icon appears that you can click on. This opens a new div that you can move around and play with, showing you more about the clothing. Here you can select your measurements and then buy the product. It shows you validation in a very clean way (telling you that you need to select your waist size for example).
  • Add to Cart: The shopping cart experience is nice. When you add something, the shopping cart section in the top right drops down showing you the item that you placed in it. It would be really nice if you could mouseover the bag icon and have it shoot down your current bag too, instead of sending you to a different page. It is items like these that you want to peak at, without changing the page.

Great to see a large brand like this moving to the latest of the web.

gap redesign

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:42 pm

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Their other company, Banana Republic has had this feature implemented for a while now and I do say this is sweet! Makes the browsing experience more fun.

Comment by huyaroo — October 3, 2005

No so good in Safari. Doesn’t load from what I experienced.

Comment by Mobial — October 4, 2005

I haven’t checked my Safari, but I really hope it’s fixed for my other half. I’m glad big names have stepped up, benefits users and their checkbooks.

Comment by Chris Charlton — October 4, 2005

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