Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

GCOE X: More Ajax OS

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Shea Rial pointed us to GCOE X, the latest entry in the Ajax OS market.

There isn’t much to see yet, but you can take it for a mini-test drive.

As much as I love the Web, and Ajax, the Web / Ajax OS dream seems a looooong way out. And if it ever happens companies such as Sun and Oracle will be shouting “see! thin network client! I told you!”.

The interest for me is seeing how the state of the art changes over time. It is quite impressive how far some are able to go.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:57 am

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So, first impressions. The interfaces is nice and crisp, although a bit on the visually uneventful side. I know the hip thing with the kids these days are fade effect, gradients and the what not, but maybe a little more softness and shying away from the windows 95 lylac and lavender colors wouldnt hurt. Obviously, from this demo we dont see anything particularly groundbreaking, but much like Halo 3, the real goodies arent going to show in the beta ;)
Looks like a good starting point, keep it up!

Comment by Ian — May 29, 2007

It’s a start a somewhat derivative start, but maybe they can improve it to be something more jaw dropping. I’m somewhat divided on WebOS as well. It does seem to be a long way away, but it’s not like the personal computer OS space has lots of innovation ahead for it. A typical OS today is pretty much set. You can’t innovate much in that space anymore because of people’s expectations. WebOS gives us much more freedom. That freedom is the key to WebOS working or dying a horible “I told you so death” equipped with a Nelson “Haha” for good measure. No one is going to create a new OS that blows the competition away. If Linux had never been invented would Linus create it today? I doubt it.

Comment by Charlie Hubbard — May 29, 2007

I tried to keep the UI very simple for now, and nothing except for the icons are made of images. Everything else is just CSS. 3D borders, buttons, everything.

I suppose I still could have included some rounded “AJAX” (ha ha) corners.

Comment by Shea Rial — May 29, 2007

Death to the AJAX OS (nothing personal)!
If I want a slow OS that can’t efficiently handle resources I’ll stick to Windows, thank you.

Comment by Dan — May 29, 2007

Looks slick. Shia – great job. Faster windowing than Tibco GI – much faster.

Comment by Roberto — May 29, 2007

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