Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Genfavicon: A favicon generator

Category: Ajax, jQuery, UI

Adding to the long list of generatorstyle sites is the latest addition called Genfavicon.

Using jQuery for it’s DOM manipulation and Ajax work, the site actually does a pretty decent job of creating the cool little favicons used throughout the web. You have the option of either specifying a URL for the image you’d like to convert or uploading it to the site for processing. Once loaded, the full image is presented in a neat cropping pane letting you decide which section of the image you want as your favicon. Once you’re ready, just choose an image size between 16×16 through 128×128, click the “Capture & Preview” button and download your favicon. Pretty painless.

The site was created by the group at Ferca Network as a pet project. If you can read Spanish, you can get more details via their blog.

Posted by Rey Bango at 6:00 am

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Thanks for you post about our genfavicon project :)

Comment by David Carrero Fdez-Baillo — November 29, 2007

There’s the little ninja again ;)

Comment by puRe — November 29, 2007

@David: No prob.

@puRe: yeah the Ninja is cool

Comment by Rey Bango — November 29, 2007

That is great, thanks for the post. Now, if I can only get around to creating one for my site. :)

Comment by Benjamin Sterling — November 29, 2007

I am not completely sure about this, but I think we have a case of copy-cat-ism here.
The sources of and look uber-similar to me, and when consulting the whois records for the domains it seems as if genfavicon (domain created nov22, 07) has copied from favikon (domain created nov12, 07).

Comment by Alexander Kirk — November 29, 2007

@Ben: Cmon, it takes all of 3 mins! ;)

Comment by Rey Bango — November 29, 2007

@rey: In my defense, I’m lazy… wait, I mean… Ok, I’m just lazy :)

Comment by Benjamin Sterling — November 29, 2007

@alex: Yes, the do the same thing, but really, is anything original on the web anymore? As long as they both use jQuery, I’m fine with it :)

Comment by Benjamin Sterling — November 29, 2007

@ben: they do the same thing, but they share the same javascript code (e.g. the comment “// Make sure a URL of file has been specified” exists in both and .. what a coincidence).
I don’t have anything against two services doing the same, but I heavily oppose just copying code from another website and then receiving positive press for it.

Comment by Alexander Kirk — November 30, 2007

Being the guy who developed Favikon, I was stunned to find a very similar pop up not long after mine was released.

It seems they pretty much ripped all the JavaScript piece by piece, making only minor changes here and there. They even went so far as to copy the colors and most of the verbiage (notice how what they *didn’t* copy is full of typos and grammatical errors).

Alexander: Thanks for the WHOIS info which pretty much speaks for itself.

Comment by aksival — December 24, 2007

Sweat gadget, just what I have been looking for! Well Pleased…

Comment by Bubbla — January 30, 2008

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