Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Geni Smart Contact Form

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Nothing drives me more batty than when I want to contact someone at a company, and it keeps sending me to some crappy set of FAQs that I know will not answer my question or concern. I am sure you have been there.

Geni has a nice solution. It appears to let you go right to a contact form that hopefully gets to a live person. However, as it watches your message it gives you pointers to potential solutions. The devil is in the details of how well it does the matches, but it is definitely a nice idea that can help you find your answer quickly, instead of focusing on how NOT to have you contact them at all costs.

Geni Smart Contact Form

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:54 am

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Comment by d3x — July 5, 2007

comment on the wrong post :p

Comment by d3x — July 5, 2007 does this as well.

Comment by Karl — July 5, 2007

Still it is a since idea, I wish more large websites did this.

Comment by justin — July 5, 2007

iBram, I don’t see any indication that the author thought it was new. Just that it was nice and a wish that more sites did it.

Comment by pwb — July 5, 2007

This is add to my pages! (have to answer something to know was my spam question right :-))

Comment by j.halmu — July 5, 2007

Mediatemple has a feature like this for their support ticket submission form. It searches their Knowledge Base for related articles as you type your message. While it’s definitely helpful for those seeking help, it has to be primarily aimed at cutting down on their overall technical support load.

Comment by Mark — July 5, 2007

Does anyone know of a product which would allow us to have such a contact form?

Comment by tobi — July 6, 2007

The software they use is Kayako SupportSuite from, we use it and love it!

Comment by Joe — July 8, 2007

nice.. why didn’t I think of that.. :D

Comment by Kuy — July 8, 2007

The software shown in the screenshot is Kayako SupportSuite –

Comment by James — July 20, 2007

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