Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Getting feedback to the IE 8 team

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The following email was sent out to Microsoft MVPs (read: friendly people :), but we should give them our honest feedback too:

Microsoft has recently released a public beta of IE8. Standards and security are of top importance in this release. To that end, the IE team is planning on releasing IE8 in full standards mode. Releasing in Full Standards Mode offers many benefits in the long term, but short term, could cause some end-user and developer issues. We would love to understand your thoughts around the impact of this specific issue and invite your suggestions on how we can best communicate it.

If you have thoughts and feedback on IE 8 releasing in full standards mode, please respond to the questions below and send your reply to with “[IE8 Community Feedback]” in the subject line by this Friday, April 11th at Noon, PDT.

1) IE8 releasing in expected to release in “standards mode”.

(a) What do people in your communities space think about this decision?

(b) What do you predict the impact to be on the customer and/or Developer experience?

(c) Do you have a recommendations on how best to share this information?

2) Our current plan is to communicate this heavily with web site owners and developers. We will be contacting top sites directly, distributing developer FAQs, and writing Knowledge Base articles on authoring to these standards.

(a) Do you think that will be effective at improving the customer experience?

(b) Are there other suggestions do you could offer to transition web sites to be standards-based or to improve the experience for users?

3) Is there anything else you or those in your communities wish to tell us about this issue to improve how we react and respond as Internet Explorer advances to release?

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Wow the english in that questionnaire is terrible.

Comment by Smokinn — April 9, 2008

How about forgetting this “Standards Mode” and just aiming for “Interoperable-With-Modern-Browsers Mode”.

Yes we want standards mode, but not some kind of fantasy standards mode where everything is broken. Opacity doesn’t work. At all. Overflow is buggy.

Comment by Jamie — April 9, 2008

While I am very much looking forward to finally a more standards focused IE, I would very much appreciate that IE would release their final version to all windows users and without the genuine advantage check. Quite honestly, the movement to IE7 has proved to go far too slow and lessons should be learned from that.

Comment by Tomba — April 9, 2008

Isn’t it a little rude to publicly publish somebody’s e-mail address without their consent?

Comment by BertrandLeRoy — April 9, 2008

@Bertand: It’s a business email address, just like a business phone number. It’s one thing to publish someone’s personal gmail address and quite another to publish their address.
They may need to host a seminar for their “MVP”s first to explain what standards mode, quirks mode, doctypes, and standards in general are before the “MVP”s can respond to an email such as this.

Comment by GregHouston — April 9, 2008

Has anyone actually downloaded and ran the IE8 beta? It can’t properly render anything, standards or not. It doesn’t do google maps, it doesn’t even do Microsoft’s maps or many of the other web properties. It’s a complete joke, more like pre-alpha. Microsoft is trying to put the impetus on developers to make their sites compatible with it, it seems like their shifting the focus and the blame to the developers of web sites to make their sites compatible with it, sort of a preemptive strike on their part. The issue isn’t one of standards compliance, right now it’s basic functionality of their renderer.

Comment by JonathanLeech — April 10, 2008

What about a Firebug for IE8?

Comment by maximeguilbot — April 14, 2008

Quite honestly, ever since I tried IE7, I began to hate IE, even though it used to be my browser of choice. In my opinion IE7 was the worst browser ever, but I was wrong: after I tried IE8, I realized that 7 wasn’t the worst, IE8 is! I am a web developer, so it is part of my job to be testing our web applications in IE. It is absolutely terrible! Hangs every time you launch it. Slows down all other applications. Disappointment!

Comment by vicury — April 1, 2009

There seems to be no easy way to submit IE8 feedback / bug report. I guess they are overwhelmed with errors :( page is displayed until you login with Windows Live account, but cannot be found after login… very unfriendly environment.

I’m aware of two bugs / non-standard behaviors, one lasts since IE6 or even 5:

Incorrect behavior of window.onblur event under IE and a workaround
Internet Explorer Global Variable Blow ups

Comment by vkelman — April 2, 2009

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