Friday, April 21st, 2006

Getting Google Calendar Data on Your Site

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With the release of yet another “GApp” from Google, the Google Calendar, everyone wants to know the ins and outs of every feature on it, as well as how it might be molded to fit their needs. The Calendar application is handly to use, but it’s only available if you go and log into their site – or is it? In This new post from the Ajax Magazine site, they show you how, with a few simple lines of Javascript (and a little PHP), to include Google Calendar content on your site.

One of the features I find it interesting in Google calendar is the possibility to create shared calendars, but also the availability of your calendar as XML or ICAL whatever it’s a private or public one. As soon as we have XML of our calendar available I was wondering why not integrating Google calendar directly in website. For example a community that use the service to manage their events, or to display your future trips in your blog ?

They give you the scripts you’ll need to get it all working, including some PHP code to help get around the cross-domain restrictions that could be caused with Ajax. The result fetches the RSS feed for the calendar data and extracts the information you want to share. They also include links to a demo of the app as well as a direct link for download.

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I can definitely see this being handy for sites where you don’t want to develop a big management system for someone to add and manipulate events. Just tell them to create a google account, have them keep it updated, and pull the next two weeks events onto their webpage for a quick and easy event listing. I’ll definitely be doing something like this in the near future.

Comment by Kyle — April 21, 2006

It would be cool if the demo allowed you to update or add events too as well as invite people to those events.

Comment by Brian — April 21, 2006

[…] Hoy via Ajaxian leía como integrarlo en tu sitio web, pero hay algo mejor que integrar algo en tu web, y eso es crearlo tu mismo. […]

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Brian, add event is possible now with the API but there is no edit yet, maybe in the future when the API will support it. I’m really not sure what kind of API they’re trying to do !

Comment by Hatem — April 21, 2006

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Interesting Finds

Trackback by Jason Haley — April 22, 2006

This script is pretty rough around the edges I must say.. All it does is pull in the XML feed and then display the raw data, some of it (the date and the link) being useless in raw form.

The date is some wierd compressed format and the link that is used in the HTML just points to another XML document of the event being viewed.

It’s a good start, but it certainly needs more work before it can be used as-is.

Comment by Seb Barre — April 22, 2006

[…] Con unas pocas líneas de código javascript y php puedes integrar Google Calendar en tu web o blog siguiendo las instrucciones de Ajax Magazine. [Vía Ajaxian] […]

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What could have been better, google calender leaves you in control….and I mean a total grip. I have been checking up on the sharing feature they had and found someswhat similar service offered by, they are new and trying to make an impact. Google has it again

Comment by Jonathan — April 25, 2006

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