Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Getting Semantic With Microformats Series by Emily Lewis

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One of the best aspects of living in the Bay Area is bumping into all sorts of interesting computer folks. Today I’m working from a coffee shop and bumped into Tantek Çelik, CSS and Microformats man. He pointed me to a fabulous blog series introducing Microformats and all the major formats for a more lay-person audience, created by Emily Lewis:

Lots of great information and tutorials in that blog series.

Tantek also pointed me to an interesting wiki page laying out how browsers and web pages can integrate Microformats more deeply into their user-interfaces:

Recently there have been many really good user interface ideas and suggestions for working with microformats. This page serves to collect and document them so that we may be inspired by and iterate on each others’ works.

The Operator plugin for Firefox, which natively supports deep UI integration for Microformats and discussed on the wiki page as well:

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very cool! will check out.

Comment by ilazarte — November 27, 2008

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