Thursday, December 29th, 2005

GMail Spell Check

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We have mentioned spell checkers from time to time, but we have never mentioned Google’s GMail spell check, which they keep updating to make it better and better.

A nice, clean, obvious use of Ajax.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:47 am

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They even have support for Icelandic in there, works great!

Comment by Andri — December 29, 2005

This is kind of sucky, I was hoping they would have code to implement this, come back when you have that.

Comment by User — December 29, 2005

Microsoft live mail may have an edge on this one though. Its almost like typing in Word, red underlines misspelled words as you are typing. Right click on the word and get the suggestions. Pretty slick.

Comment by chris — December 30, 2005

This is great stuff, it’s nice to see traditional desktop apps start to lose their footing to web based tools that are able to replicate the same interactions. Anyone know where a free AJAX+PHP spell checking script can be found? I would love to incorporate this into a few projects but am dreading having to re-invent the wheel if not neccessary.

Comment by Shaun Shull — January 2, 2006

The Gmail spell checker is fantastic, except when it keeps telling you a word is spelt incorrectly when it is not [i.e. it doesn’t recognize the word]. Microsofts spell checker is just as annoying. As matter of fact most spell checkers can grate on your nerves but I guess that is the nature of the best.

Comment by Dylan Carlson — January 2, 2006

Here is what I have build to be used for (our portal site).

It pretty much looks and acts like Gmail SpellChecker. A bit better I ‘d like to hope, though not implemented for Rich Text yet.

Comment by George Papadakis — January 9, 2006

Check out

Comment by mrrena — February 15, 2006

Hi guys…
anyone else on gmail having problems ?
gmail is fine on adsl, but on my 3g card i can surf net no problem, talk on google talk no problem, but i cannot reply to any gmail mail. also cannot compose and send attachments. can recieve mail fine.
thought it was my beta firefox im using so tried IE but still same problem.
sometimes can reply to a mail but not always, especially if there is an attachment in it…
but gmail is fine on adsl so i know its not gmail themselves. 2 friends have also complained about their gmail on 3g today..

Comment by Tobias — November 20, 2006

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