Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

Google Ajax Search API

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<>p>Google has released a new search API that lets you add an Ajax version of Google Search to your site (instead of just a simple search box that heads off to Google land).

As well as the API itself, you can take a look at the search module as an example:

Google Ajax Search API

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I got to say that is cool, I wonder how long until someone builds a new site entirely upon it.

Comment by Joe Anderson — June 13, 2006

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AJAX fw?

Comment by weel — June 13, 2006


p.s. slaveg preved

Comment by dennis — June 14, 2006

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Does this allow you to search your domain only? (Basically a search engine for your own website without having to leave your site?)

Comment by Brandon — June 14, 2006

yes. google has site restricted search as an option on this thing.

Comment by mark Lucovsky — June 14, 2006

I put it on my site a couple of weeks ago. It only gives you about 10 results, but it allows you to search the web, not just your site.

Comment by Casey — June 15, 2006

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