Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Google Analytics: MeasureMap is Alive

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I am personally excited to see that Google Analytics has announced a new version.

Ever since the Measure Map acquisition people have been hounding “what are they doing with Measure Map?”. Now, Jeffrey Vreen can proudly announce it to the world.

I have been able to use it on internal Google blogs, and they have done a fantastic job of taking the great ideas from Measure Map (simple UI, surface the important information, etc) and joining them with the wealth of information from the urchin system.

Google Analytics

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:26 am

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You may want to start with spelling Jeffery Veen’s name correctly!! Urchin no longer exists, and as an insider you should know this.

Comment by fatchance — May 9, 2007

Looks extremely interesting, at least on face value.
I can’t wait to give it a try!

Comment by Matt — May 9, 2007

At last! I’ve been waiting for a measure map invite for ages :-)

Comment by Johan — May 9, 2007

I’m pretty disappointed with the new version of GA, honestly. It’s slightly prettier but significantly less more of a hassle to use. Most of the information that I want is multiple clicks away from the profile landing page.

Just a couple of examples:

* The map (now ‘Map Overlay’, formerly ‘Geo Map Overlay’) no longer displays the bubbles showing me where my visitors are coming from. In the old interface, you only had to mouse over one of them to get the location name and the number of visitors. I can still get that information in the new version, but I’ve got to click at least twice (w/2 page loads): once on ‘view report’ and again on the city ‘Detail Level” link. Ugh.

* ‘Traffic Overview’ (formerly ‘Visits by Source’) now unhelpfully sorts traffic into 3 categories, search engines, referring sites, and direct. In the old interface, I could see the referring site and s.e. domain names and the percentages of traffic they’d sent to me. Now, that information is an extra click away (2 clicks if I want to see more than the top 5 of either search engine query term sets or referring URLs).

An update was definitely needed, but this is not the sort of update I’d been expecting/hoping for.

Comment by Brian Donovan — May 9, 2007

yeah. their new UI is excellent.

Comment by — May 9, 2007

Actually I’m VERY exhited about this change.
The actual interface was very unintuitive (for me).

Comment by siti web firenze — May 9, 2007

Very pretty. I’d love to see Google release a JavaScript toolkit for creating the charts/graphs in that interface.

Comment by Eric Litman — May 23, 2007

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