Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Google Book Search gets an Ajax upgrade

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Nathan Naze and his team at Google have upgraded Google Books:

  • Zoom in on text and images. Here’s a cool full-page sketch of a ship from an 1898 book on steam navigation. Looking for something less dated? Perhaps this colorful page of a room from a book on interior design. Want a better look? You can now zoom in and out — just click on the zoom in and zoom out buttons. Play with it until you find a size you like.
  • One book, one web page. No more reloads! In one-page mode (just click the one page button), pages appear one below the other, like a scroll of paper. For full-view books, there’s also a two-page mode (two page button) in which pages appear side by side, just like in a physical book (perfect for two-page images). In both modes, you’ll be able to use previous page button and next page button to turn pages.
  • Scroll, scroll, scroll your book… using the scrollbar or your mouse wheel, or by dragging (in most browsers, you’ll see a hand). You can also use the keyboard (try the spacebar, page up, page down, and the arrow keys). Or you can click on a link in the table of contents or your search results to jump right to that page (like this photo from the 1906 book Geronimo’s Story of His Life).
  • This page was made for reading. We’ve tried to tidy up the clutter to leave as much room as possible for what’s important — the book. We’ve put all the information about the book in a scrollable side menu. Still not enough room? You can put the screen in fullscreen mode with fullscreen button, so you can use the whole window for browsing. Try it with a nice illustrated book of Celtic fairy tales or, for some lighter reading, electromagnetic wave theory.

There are keystrokes here too, such as hitting space to scroll down (moving down smoothly). It is nice to see more and more unification to Google apps these days. When you use Reader it feels like Mail, etc.

One question is, where are the GWT apps? :)

Google Book Search

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:03 pm

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I want to know how does google implement the effect like acrobat reader?
I use DOM Inspector to view the google book reader’s DOM structure,but at book page field ,I just found a tag that src point to current page url…
Who could tell me how does google implement the book page srolling effect?

Comment by digitalghost — November 22, 2006

It’s just a div block with a bunch of page-sized div blocks inside. As they become visible, they load.

Comment by Massa — November 23, 2006

[…] En el primero ahora se puede hacer zoom sobre el texto y las imágenes, leer los libros a 1 página o a doble página, hacer scroll y el libro que estamos leyendo ocupa más espacio que antes, quedando toda la información en una sidebar al margen. [Via Ajaxian] […]

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This is an absolut great idea for students or people in the book business. I studied litteratur at university and was craving something like this. Enough of that why was it so impressive? Is Ajaxian a google company or is google just the media darlings? Whats the fuzz about?

Bjørn Jensen

Team Orca

Comment by Bjorn Jensen — November 23, 2006

Ajaxian is a ripe takeover target for Google. pass it on.

Comment by Michael — November 23, 2006

It does not work in FF!
Throws the error in compressed code: “i.createElement is not a function”.
Does anybody see this too?

Comment by atany — November 24, 2006

[…] Are you a book worm? You don’t have to admit, but if you’re one, then you should visit Google’s Book Search the next time you’re planning to get or read an ebook. Dion Almaer recently shared some interesting reviews about the recent Ajax upgrade of Google book search on […]

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great powerful tool, already. now ajax makes it quicker and easier :D

Comment by ebooks — May 3, 2007

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